Michael Jackson Anniversary of Death: Tribute Products

OK, so we know that we would not normally talk about Michael Jackson, but as this is the first anniversary of the “King of Pop’s” death we thought that we would see if there were any limited edition products. A simple search on Google shows us that there are some MJ anniversary tribute gifts.

The first item that would be perfect for any collector or Michael Jackson fan is this Tribute Collector Plate Collection, The plate measures 8-1/8” and costs $39.99 per issue – more details can be found here.

Another great product has to be this Michael Jackson 5-piece Colorized Coin Set, with a complete set to collect. The price is just $49.95 for more details visit HSN.

If you are a true fan, then you will want to spend the $99.99 to get your hands on this Michael Jackson Billie Jean Jacket with Sequins. This is a replica of the jacket that he wore at Motown 25 when we saw him do his famous moonwalk and pose on his feet for the first time. More details on the jacket can be found on batmj.

For more items like this visit Google Shopping.


  • Michael Jackson’s death was a huge shock for me, although considering his circumstances it was perhaps not so surprising. The child molestation charges brought upon him caused his health to spiral out of control, both emotional and physical. Once he began to depend on drugs to just get by, that was the moment there came to be no way back, IMO.


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