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iPhone 4: Steve Jobs holds his wrong

We reported to you yesterday that a number of iPhone 4 owners were experiencing problems with dropped calls – this was due to losing signal strength. We then learned that it was when you covered up the three black joining parts of the antenna strip on the outside.

Apple or rather Steve Jobs has responded to this by email saying that we are holding it wrong, which Alan Ng explained for you in more detail. We thought we would go back and hunt down some pictures to see how they held the new fourth-generation during its WWDC 2010 Keynote, which we found on iPhonehold.

Image thanks to Engadget

Well what do we have here? Looks like Steve Jobs and others from the Apple team have been holding their latest smartphone wrong as well. So how are we meant to hold the thing then? People will now become conscious about how they hold the new iPhone 4.

I have tried my best to not place my hands over these strips – if Apple cannot do this then what hope do I have? I almost got there, but I still find that one finger rests on the black part of the antenna strip.

We know that you do not lose signal when you use one of Apple’s Bumpers – surly this is not a way for Apple to sell this latest product? We will look into this in a later post.



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