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iPhone 4 Reception Problems: Apple’s Guide to Fix

We have some breaking news to bring you now, as Apple has officially responded to the reception issues that users have been complaining about on the iPhone 4. Their answer? – You are holding it in the wrong way.

As reported from Engadget, it turns out that there ‘will’ be reception issues on the new phone if you place your hands over the bottom-left hand corner of the handset. Apple has suggested that users need to change the position of which you hold the phone, or buy a case which covers this part of the area – great.

Steve Jobs himself replied back to a user’s email about the problems, by saying that he should ‘avoid holding the phone in that way’. Here is Apple’s official fix to the problem:

”If you ever experience this on your iPhone 4, avoid gripping it in the lower left corner in a way that covers both sides of the black strip in the metal band, or simply use one of many available cases.”

So there we have it. We were holding the phone in the ”wrong place” all along. We hate to say it, but is this just a case of bad design?


  • francois

    get a case my …… apple must fix it

  • hank

    wake up apple fanboys

  • Luke

    The antena has to bee in this place because of laws which say the antena must be as far from the head as posible. Steve should not have said you are holding the phone wrong way but its not apples fault that the phone does not work. Just get a case!

  • Will

    I did not obtain my new Iphone to hide it away in a case, the signal/reception is absolutely diabolical, why are these handsets being released without being vigorously tested by the people who wish to purchase/use them FIRST!
    I am going to reject my Iphone 4 on the grounds that it is not fit for intended purpose and has a inherrant fault.

  • Joey

    Stop being babies. Just buy a damn case. It's not even that big of a dealq

    • Jenna

      Stop being babies? How about Apple take some responsibilty for FAILING to design the phone properly? That'd be like buying a car, finding out the paint melts when it rains, and the car manufacturer saying "well don't leave it in the rain or buy a car over." That's nonsense. I shouldn't have to buy ADDITIONAL equipment to make my phone function as a phone. Apple's is so swelled that it doesn't care about their customers at all, because sheep like YOU will buy any Apple product regardless of any failings it may have. Apple is lame, and apparently their customers are too.

  • ken

    hahahah nice one apple

  • Paul

    Is this man telling however many millions of iphone users to hold the phone a certain way to accommodate serious failings in the iphones primary function of actually making and recieving calls. Next he will be telling us to write with the opposite hand !!! what a moron

    • Davy G


      So before we can use our latest £500 smart-fone, it has to be either held a certain way or buy a non-conductive case. The law in the UK states that goods must be suitable for the purpose they were intended. If this was a car manufacturer, then the defective part would be recalled for replacement or repair. Come on Apple – get with the program – fix the flippin’ fone!!!


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