iPhone 4 Reception Issues And Case Maker Gold Mine

By Jamie Pert - Jun 25, 2010

With all the reception issues that the iPhone is facing at the moment, it was only a matter of time before someone came up with a clever plan to bypass and fix the issue. But it will be the case makers that will benefit more than most.

In a hands-on look at the reception issues that a large percentage of iPhone 4 users have experienced, we find out that if you hold the iPhone in a certain way, you will lose signal. But if you hold it in another way, the way that Apple want you to hold the device, then the signal will come back to full.

Although Apple have released a potential workaround for the reception issue, such as holding the phone in a certain way, and even a patch for iOS4, another avenue has opened up for case makers to fix the fault themselves.

Apple have already released their own iPhone 4 Bumper Case, which will spark a wave of iPhone 4 case makers doing exactly the same to capitalize on Apple’s unfortunate, but silly mistake. We have even seen Steve Jobs holding the iPhone in the ‘wrong way’.

How do you feel about having to replace the default iPhone 4 case, just to make sure you get the best out of your reception, whichever way you decide to hold the phone? Of course it is an annoyance, but what else can be done?

Source: i4u

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  • Rockstar

    I have not seen one comment on use of the POWERMAT with the iphone4. What if your someone that has invested into the POWERMAT and if you have you know they are expensive. Dose is work with the the iphone4?

    • Anonymous

      I don't know much about them but I saw a Powermat ad where they were charging what looked like an iPhone 4. Not good enough evidence, I know.