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iPhone 4 Problems: Signal fix by iOS 4 Patch Update?

We have some more details on the now-infamous signal/reception problem which is affecting the recently launched iPhone 4 handset. A new video has explained why the problem is software related and could be addressed in a future patch update.

As reported from BGR, a video shown below has been uploaded onto YouTube, and compares the iPhone 4 running iOS 4 with an iphone 3G running OS 3.0.

Both are held in the same ‘clutching’ manner, and as guessed, the iPhone 4 loses signal strength as soon as this action is performed. The iPhone 3G doesn’t have any such problems, which leads to the conclusion that this is just a bug in the current build of iOS 4.

Hopefully Apple are aware of this issue and are working on a patch update to fix it. Do you agree with this theory or not? Check out the video below and give us your thoughts on this.



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