iPhone 4 Problems: Signal fix by iOS 4 Patch Update?

By Alan Ng - Jun 25, 2010

We have some more details on the now-infamous signal/reception problem which is affecting the recently launched iPhone 4 handset. A new video has explained why the problem is software related and could be addressed in a future patch update.

As reported from BGR, a video shown below has been uploaded onto YouTube, and compares the iPhone 4 running iOS 4 with an iphone 3G running OS 3.0.

Both are held in the same ‘clutching’ manner, and as guessed, the iPhone 4 loses signal strength as soon as this action is performed. The iPhone 3G doesn’t have any such problems, which leads to the conclusion that this is just a bug in the current build of iOS 4.

Hopefully Apple are aware of this issue and are working on a patch update to fix it. Do you agree with this theory or not? Check out the video below and give us your thoughts on this.

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  • joe

    I have an iphone 4 and a Nokia 6600 both on the same network, if I place the 2 phones together side by side without touching them and look at the signal strengths you can plainly see the Nokia has a far better signal, and in low signal areas the Nokia can be used but sadly the iphone can not. Thus proving that the iphone 4 has a big problem. It’s not just the holding of the phone that’s causing the signal problem. The transmit and receive is week compared to other phones.

  • alisha

    I ahve a rubber case and the signal strength is still no good, at times in the day i don't have no signal at all, I lay the phone flat in my hand and still lose reception when i do happen to get a signal….

  • Norm Shifferd

    I am located in Gulf Shores, Al., the problem everyones having with there Iphones, is it with the jailbroke phones only. I have in stalled the IOS 4, on my 3G phone and haven’t had any problems. Or any dropped calls or lost reception.

  • Signal issue started on my iPhone 3GS as soon as I upgraded to iSO4 which would suggest software issue, also when the signal drops out (legitimately) is struggles to reconnect, sometimes requiring a power-cycle, again, this would suggest a software bug.

    I'm surprised that they didn't carry out any real-world testing with iOS4 on the iPhone 3 prior to releasing it.

    Hopefully a patch is on its way from Apple.

  • Richard

    Have a IPhone 3G. Definitaly the new O.S 4.0 giving the problem. I sit at the exact same place at work every day and since the update, my signal has gone from exellent to bad. So don't think that is a coinsidence.

  • Joey

    I am having this problem on a 3GS with the iOS4 installed. My phone is now in a constant "Searching mode" it went from 3G, to E, to searching. This is in my home where I have NEVER had a problem with signal strength. I have tried resetting the phone with a hard reset, as well as turning off location services, wifi and bluetooth thinking if anything would help. It did NOT. I don't mind being a Beta tester when I sign up to be one, but this Software should NOT have been released yet. (Just my opinion)

  • Commenter

    Does the source person have any sense about performing a CONTROLLED experiment?
    There are two variables in the two systems being compared, as Ian noted above: hardware (iPhone 4 vs iPhone 3G) and software (OS3 vs OS4). And now the source is thinking an observed difference (i.e. signal drop) between these two systems is due to one variable (software) but not the other (hardware)? This is pretty 'brainless'…….

  • Ian

    Strange conclusion to reach, that it must be a software fault when both phones have different hardware/design.
    Early reports indicate that a "bumper" case fixes the issue which shows it to be hardware rather than software related.

  • al

    Putting a case around the iphone should help the recieption.

  • Fergusk

    I have iPhone 4 and 3GS on OS4. The iPhone 4 looses signal when held and the 3GS is fine. Therefore I conclude it's a design fault not a software issue

  • Mitch

    On previous iPhones the antenna is on the inside and your not touching it. You can’t compare the 2 that way. They have plastic between the antennas to isolate them. When you touch them your acting as a conductor. By touching any antenna your changing it’s value and it’s effectiveness, usually for the worse. How it’s designed and what frequency it operates on determines how much effect it has. Easy solutions: don’t touch the bottom one, put a skin or protection on the phone or clear coat the antenna.

  • Vlad

    Definitely thing it’s a hardware problem.

  • Michael

    Yup. I am having reception problems with my iphone 4 that I was not having with my iPhone 3Gs. Apple, you gotta fix it, or this thing is going back.