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iPhone 4 Problems: Camera Shutter Will Not Open

If you thought that the iPhone 4 problems were just with the yellow spots and poor reception due to the way you hold the phone, then you would be wrong. After a conversation with my cousin, I learned that there was another issue – the camera shutter will not open.

I thought that it was just an isolated case as I had not seen anything in the Apple Forums, so decided to do some digging – it seems that my cousin is not the only one with the problem. When you press the button to open up the Apple installed camera app the shutter will open so that you can see what is in front of the new iPhone 4, this fails to open so all you see is the closed shutter.

My cousin then decided to restore his phone to an earlier backup, again the shutter still stayed closed. He then proceeded to wipe the whole thing clean and install iOS 4 again.

Sadly he still has the same issue, and it is not just and issue with Apple the camera app – it seems that any app that requires the camera will not work, according to Kevin Schram from TFTS even Facebook.

Have you experienced the same camera shutter issue?



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