HTC EVO 4G: New Epson Screens – Inferior Contrast Ratio (Video)

By Jamie Pert - Jun 25, 2010

Today seems to be a day of HTC EVO 4G news, earleir we heard that a firmware update may launch Monday, we are now hearing that newer models of the Sprint-exclusive smartphone feature a inferior display.

The early EVO 4G’s coded ‘002’ featured screens manufactured by Novatel, whereas as newer models coded ‘003’ feature Epson displays, the video embedded at the end of the post shows that the new Epson display are duller and seem to feature a lower contrast ratio.

It is unclear why HTC decided to switch to these news Epson screens, but I doubt consumers will be happy to see that new and shiny HTC EVO 4G features a worse quality display then a 3 week old version, perhaps HTC will fix this when they release the EVO 4G firmware update.

If you check out the video below you will see that the difference is extremely noticeable, has this put you off buying an EVO 4G?

Source: DeviceMag

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  • laurenj

    I just got a replacement for my old evo 4g. I hate the screen, it is gray and when I play video the screen never seems to finsh the pictures. Yes I understand the video is streaming, but on my old evo I NEVER noticed all the fuzzyness. I went looking on the web to see if anyone has felt the screen is bad and low and behold! I’m not crazy. Is there anything I can do about this, I WANT my OLD normal/ awesome screen back-

  • jasmine

    Really people? Do you have to insult the man? Get a freakin life….

  • mr. slate

    He is correct. My first week EVO was bright and Sharp, but I got a dead pixel after there weeks and today had to get a new one. The contrast of the new EVO ls much lower, and colors are more washed out. That is how I found this page as I was looking for anyone else that had the same issue ..

  • george

    "cutting back on the pearlies" LOL FAG

  • YBCold

    Please note/update your blog as I have a hardware version #003 and it has the purple tint to it. So there is a chance you will get either screen no matter which hardware build you receive.

  • mrjoebruno

    What a moron. Would it have killed you to load up a defaul fucking background before you make a video comparing brightness?

  • Ross

    Not true at all I have had both handsets version 2 &3 the Epson screens are much brighter and more vivid.

  • Jenny Carson

    This guy sounds like a complete douchebag. All I got out of his video was "well, uh, this one is a little pink,uh, or the other is, uh, not as warm, but, uh, I can't tell, but it, uh, looks different, you can't see it on the, uh, camera, but its different and one but, uh, the other then on this one pink purple black whiter, uhhhhhh…"

    • Someone in the know

      First of all, Jenny you are totally correct… This guy sounds like a total douchebag. He has no idea what he is talking about, and the only real way to watch this video is on mute. Secondly, it is Novatech that is making the first screen, not Samsung. Third, the Droid Incredible uses AMOLED screens, not straight LCD as he seems to think. And fourth, Ross is on the right track with regards to the Epson screens… They are a much more accurate and realistic screen then the Novatechs are. It's like watching HDTV on a new LED, or on a superior Plasma screen. Plasmas are much more realistic and accurate, while LEDs blow out all the color to make it more appealing to morons like the guy in this video. I especially love it when he says that the Epson screen actually shows grey, while the Novatech is more pink, but he likes the pink better. What a F-ing idiot. Next time buddy, get someone who knows at least something about the technology before you put your squinty, douchey, and moronic face all over the internet for anyone and everyone to laugh at. But thanks anyway for trying…. Can I interest you in a job at BestBuy? You sound just like every other uneducated employee that tries to sell me something using lies and BS.