Google Earth Street View: Adidas Originals Star Wars Collection Campaign

No matter where you are Google Earth and its Street View service is always there watching and waiting to pounce. It was only a matter of time before someone started to make use of this in an advertising campaign. Fans of Star Wars and those who like to wear Adidas Originals will love this campaign.

According to Google Earth Blog, Adidas got together with LucasFilm and embarked on a collaboration with StreetView. The fun part of this campaign is that you can target a certain location – only to see the Death Star fire upon it. What is left is an Adidas logo – how cool is that?

Although this does sound like a lot of fun, if you read Austin Carr’s article on Fast Company, it seems that there was some confusion with the Japanese. Seems like they actually thought that there was something going on near the emperor of Japan’s palace.

This did not put them off and are still committed to the campaign and others like it. Head over to Adidas and give it a go.



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