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Apple iPhone 4: First Day Sales ‘Off The Charts’

Yesterday saw the launch of the fourth-generation iPhone, the iPhone 4, therefore it is unsurprising to hear that sales of the flies off the shelf on first day of sales were higher than expected, which is no surprise given the huge queues which formed outside Apple stores.

Many U.S. suppliers say that they are completely out of stock, in fact it seems as if supplies are complete diminished across stores in Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago (and other areas).

Exact sales figures are unknown, however one analyst predicted sales of between 1 and 1.5 million phones by Saturday, which would seem impossible with other smartphone launches, however the hype surrounding the iPhone 4 makes this seem believable.

I’m sure Apple will boast their impressive sales figures over the next few days, therefore as we hear details we will keep you posted, for a more in-depth look into sales predictions etc check out the source link below.

Source: USAToday



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