YouTube Vuvuzela: Have you tried it?

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 24, 2010

FIFA World Cup 2010 has been a little noisier than normal, and this is thanks to the popularity of Vuvuzela’s. When the World Cup first kicked-off there were complaints about Vuvuzela putting players off, but now we are seeing them everywhere.

One quick trip to your local store and you will be surrounded by Vuvuzela, head to the iPhone app store and you will also find many Vuvuzela apps, and now it looks like your not safe on Video sharing sites like YouTube.

According to TechCrunch, YouTube’s latest prank seems to be the addition of a Vuvuzela button. These buttons only appear on some videos, but clicking them will start an annoying sound just like a Vuvuzela.

You know the sound, like your surrounded by a swarm of insects. While FIFA did not decide to ban the traditional Vuvuzela, some television networks have shown viewers how to block the sound from computers, and TV sets.

For the people behind the Vuvuzela in South Africa, it’s about making money. Tech Crunch write that the guy bringing plastic Vuvuzela to South Africa also sell ear plugs. Read more in TechCrunch’s article.

Have you used the Vuvuzela button on YouTube yet? What do you think of Vuvuzela?

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  • dave

    matt: lolll wtf are you a kid… just that stupid annoying thing makes you laugh ??

    okayyyyyy……. -1000 to this fockin annoying sound !!!

  • Matt

    I almost died from laughter after hearing and experiencing the vuvuzela button on YouTube. It’s too damn funny!.

    +10 to who ever decided to go through with that ‘mod’. 🙂

  • monkeymanfooty

    yeah i found out about the vuvuzela then came here

  • Bored Guy

    Just tried, it's like I'm really watching the World Cup