Xbox 360 Slim: First RROD Video shows Red Brick

By Alan Ng - Jun 24, 2010

Some potentially worrying news for those of you planning to pick up the new Xbox 360 slim line console from Microsoft, as a video appears to show the first case of a console failure.

It is not quite a RROD, but rather a Red Dot shown on the power brick for the console. If you watch the video, you’ll see the user following Microsoft’s instructions to disconnect everything, including the power brick – but to no avail. The power brick displays the red dot again after a few moments of rebooting the console.

For those of you who were thinking that the RROD problems were well and truly over with the new console, this video serves as a new headache for Microsoft. Take a look for yourself below and let us know your thoughts on this.

Has this happened to you or not? It would be good to know how widespread this problem actually is.

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  • GoDdEsS4EvA

    My 360S has been shutting itself off and occasionally freezing. I have had no red lights on the power brick nor on the power sensor on the console. I did call xbox and they told me my situation was rare because the brick never changed from green. They told me that they would send me a repaired one. I refused at this point because it isn’t doing it everyday. I work from home and usually have the xbox on for approximately 6 to 8 hours. I know that is alot!! So far it doesn’t freeze during game play only when playing EPIX or HULU. On the upside I have an extended warranty from Gamestop. I’d much rather get a new one than some refurbished one from xbox.

  • Bill

    I got a 360 slim after my original died (it was 6 years old, and had a right to).  I got it 5 months ago, and last Sunday, while playing, it just shut off.  After trying to turn it back on (to no avail), I noticed that the light on the power brick was red.  I unplugged and plugged it back in, and everything was fine, but after about 10 minutes of play, the thing turned off, with the exact same problem.  Now, it does it every time, staying on not longer than 30 minutes.

    Anyone have any solutions?

    • R.

      i have the same issue please tell me that 3 months u found a fix lol i got same issue please help…….. email to thanks

  • david

    i got the xbox slim the day it came out, it has been fine for the past year, but then all of a sudden two days ago it died, showing the red light on the power brick, i wasnt too bothered by it the first time because it was actually fairly hot so i let it cool down for a few hours then plugged it back in. the green light showed up and  the xbox would play, however the fans in the power brick were now making a very loud revving noise. it played for an hour or two then died again. very annoyed this time as the brick was fairly cool. it now keeps happening after around an hours game play each time. typical, two weeks after the warranty runs out.

  • My 2 cents:
    Microsoft rushed the fatty 360 to release in order to compete with other consoles of the generation around 2006.  It was plagued by its inaugural issues for 4-5 years before anything close to resembling solutions were implemented.  Interesting how Microsoft finally responds to its catastrophic failure rates only when the PS3 makes a cheaper and more marketable version to compete with the Xbox 360.  As a consumer, this tells me that Microsoft is not concerned one bit with customer satisfaction.  Instead they are only concerned with dominating the console market at their price range.  The years of customer dissatisfaction prompted no pertinent modifications to the original Xbox 360’s design.  So all of a sudden I’m supposed to kiss Microsoft’s ass and keep subscribing to their network because they addressed issues 4 years late?!  Loyalty after 4 years of customer support telling me no more than what their flimsy support website does which is ultimately A. pay Microsoft to repair it or B. pay for a brand new one.  Too long has the gamer market been at the whim of a faulty product with a weak warranty simply to play the games exclusively licensed to it.  The apathy of the 360 gamer market disgusts me.  Microsoft hides the failure statistics of the 360 because they know how shameful they are. Consumers should demand better product integrity instead of being pacified by a console that addresses issues years late and doesn’t even resolve them.  The 360 slim is in its infancy and is already showing faults of the same vein as the original.  Enough is enough.  It’s time to make a statement with your wallet since Microsoft won’t listen to customer feedback.  Be an Xbox fanboy all you want, but realize it comes at a high price and with a lot of headaches.

  • Glen

    Had the nex xbox slim 250 gb just 2 days, box has it's own wall socket, no extension cables, is stood on its own and on it's side so it is well ventilated to avoid overheating. I have only played the xbox twice and it has never let me play for more than 30 mins before switching itself off and showing the red light on the power supply. I unplugged it and left it several hours before trying again, when I plugged it in I got the orange light which was good and green light when switched on but after 30 mins I got the red light after the xbox switched itself off. I left it and tried again today and I don't even get a light on the power supply, completely no sign off life at all, gutted. Very disappointed since I did some research and read that the reliability problem had been fixed on the new console. I may be one of the unlucky few but somehow I don't think so.

  • Chris Brown

    I have owned both of the new slims 4g and 250g. I have had NO problem ever! And i can guarenttee i game way more than most of you. So stop bitching about problems that u yourself are creating. If your console is in a well vented area, it will be fine. Mine stay on for no less that 6 hours EVERYDAY and no fucking problems. If u get the one "defective" system out of every couple thousand that are mass produced, return it. Ive been playin xbox since '01 and i tend to keep doing that cause Playstation cant compete.

    • Raja

      You fake, you make your statement a lie when u said you have both 4gb and 250 gb version. If any one got one version then he need not need another.

      • ininininin

         I’m afraid you are retarded.

    • Kyleboswell13

      so u have no life?

  • wayne

    have the new xbox for 3 mths ,just got the red brick, come on already ms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ryan

    The Red light on the brick means your console was close to overheating, when this happens the 360 slim is designed to shut down to prevent hardware failure. Wait a day and power it back up. Also pull the system away from the wall.

  • AJ360

    it has brand new design, stronger heat transfer, larger heatsink, good vents on top. it gets hot quickly if you touch the vent but that means it's cool inside coz the heat spread out quickly,, beside it consume half power than it was on the old 360. plus if you want a quiter play, install the game to the harddrive, the squeking sound will be gone for good.
    PS3 has an overheating issue as well, (its slim version too,) but not this one. By design this mend to last for long.!!!

  • hanzo

    Let's think with the "Logical think", 1 thousands of goods factory surely 1-10 goods have a "Broken/Short-lifetime", there's a common thing in every factory, every company give the guarentee/warranty to recover those thing. so to everyone " Don't incited by 1-10 issue " , the facts: " yes, i have one xbox360 250gb slim , i test it and play 3-6hours , no problem from january first until now !"

    so what's your opinion ?

  • cotton

    I had the arcade version lasted 3 years. No complaints here. Systems crash eventually. He was dumb for buying it 2 days after it came out. There is always a system malfunction when they first come out. I waited 2 months after to buy the slim. Once again absolutly no problem. Yeah so get impatient to buy a new system. Real smart

  • don

    iv had a 360 slim for 2 weeks almost all ways on never any issues period! some common sence like not putting it in a confined space makes a huge differance. the first 360 had alot of heating issues but again never had a prob with the red ring of death.

  • Taka kazuma

    Yes, I have heard before . I didn't buy xbox 360 but I got old original xbox which is outdated and I didn't like it because it's way too much difference and waste some stuff. When I play old xbox and it makes me so dizzy and uneasy not sure what kind of symptom I recently got PS3 at last and I love it because Games are blue ray, wireless controller and well prepared in electronics. I feel that Xbox 360 can be forking out your income because controller need new battery AA, had to pay service provider, had to be pay when it got problem in short lifespan, scratch disc and etc, Xbox can be threatening you by banning your accounts, steal your hdd or refurbish it . But as you know in japan, they didn't like xbox very much i can see that and they only make right things that decade ago when they start to make like arcade, First generation Playstation 1 until now.

  • Nate

    Omg stop your fucking bitch you ps3 fans

    And cry babys yeah it may not be fixed but this is like

    What 4. Or 5 consoles my 2 slims that I have

    Ones my brothers they work totally fine.. But

    That red light doesn’t always mean rrod it most

    Likely means that console is hot and shut s down on it’s own

    To keep it from over heating.. So if you have that dot leave it unplugged

    For a few hours to let it cool down then plug it in and turn it on..

    And person that botched about the one year actually it’s 3 years

    For the 3 red lights!!

  • john

    I've gotten the red dot a couple of times. I need to unplug both ends and then plug in to the wall. Can play for a while then when I turn it off bam red dot. Called microsoft twice and now they are sending me a replacement power brick.

  • Rum

    Got the XBOX Slim on Saturday. Son played for an hour. Set up Gold family live pack and played for 2 hours. Set up a few freinds on live Wednesday, maybe 1.5 hours. Kids played Friday night for 3 hours. Woke up Saturday morning (one week later) to DAAAAAD MY XBOX WON'T POWER UP. Are you kidding me? Is this thing really a POS? I'm in deep Mr. Gates. Console, Controllers, Key Pads, Kinect, Games,LIVE… Got on the phone with tech support and waiting to see the new BRICK OF LOVE 7-10 days.



    AAAAAAHHHH!!!! That's what you get!!!!

    MIcrosoft???? ppsstttt!!!! , SONY RULES!!!

  • marc

    i bought my xbox slim 250gb about 7 hours ago it took 2 weeks to get it threw the mail because i ordered it off best my xbox slim got the red ring of death i am soo mad i tried my best to avoid this i even switched tvs but then the red ring disappeared now my xbox slim turns off randomly within 5 minutes i will take this back to best buy if it continues when i wake up tomorrow does anyone know how to fix this?

    yes i did unplug everything
    i only got the rrod once and got the system error
    i didn't have anything over the blanket or anything to overheat it

  • Blahblahblah

    It specifically says on the sticker on the disc tray to not move the console with a disc inside it. So yeah it's your own fault if you didn't move it you would have been fine….

  • john080595

    please trust mewhen isay the xbox 360 uses alot of power when its off. if you have alot of tthing(ps3,wii,t.v) exc unplug your xbox and move to another place in your house.the socket you are usinig is not generating enough power to to work properly so please try anybody that is have the same problem

  • iggyholzman

    I’ve had my new slim for 3 hours, turned it on, let it run downloads of updates while I cook, come back to my console already red dot of death on the power brick. Wtf!? My first xbox 360 way back got rrod and I had it fixed on warranty as soon as I could. I was hoping to keep this one, and luckily I aimed a floor fan on it and it appears ok. However, after I beat fable 3 it may be goodbye microsoft forever. I might even buy a mac and I hate macs!

    • Detrickster

      Exact same thing happened to me.  Turned it on, let the updates download, and it powered down to reboot after update…. nothing.   No light on the power bar.  Unplugged everything, tried a different outlet.  Called Microsoft Support.  Two weeks to get a new brick… if the new one does the same thing I’m going to go ballistic.

  • 7 year xbox customer

    It doesn't seem like a one in a million type deal. Especially if half the comments on this board say that they bought the slim and it shutting off and getting the red brick. In my case i bought the 360 played for about an hour one night. set up the kinect the next day and played it and after that i go to play halo:reach and the system powers off by itself. No ring, no red brick just DEAD. everything is dead. funny how I have my wii, my ps3 AND my pc hooked up to the same place and they all work still…also kinect doesn't work on the old xbox 360's unless you have an adapter that only comes with the kinect by itself. if you get the bundle, like i did, you can't play kinect. they don't even sell the adapter. Oh and thanks for the STANDARD cables that were included with the bundle. nothing like playing in standard mode on an HDTV.

    Last thing, a month prior to me buying the slim my old xbox 360 got the red rings after only 2 years of play. I've gone through three separate (not including the original) xbox 360 originals while i was under warranty.. my brother who also owned an xbox went through 2 different ones besides his original. It really is pathetic.

  • w00t

    sucks for you, should have bought the warranty, and honestly ive had mine for a while now, and i dont have anything like that. Looks like its one in a million type thing.

  • Don

    When an error is so pervasive to get name like RROD it's not a minor manufaucturing issue. It's a desing problem. I'm a big fan of microsoft, but the fact that they have failed to address this problem after years of failures means that they simply don't care that they are producing junk. But then why would they when people keep buying them??
    Same is true of macs, great desing, awsome marketing, but it's all junk made to last 1 day longer than the warranty.

  • bill

    i have had that promblem and fixed it

  • stanza00

    Woww, good try for whose wanna fry of 360 slim.

    I have a jasper 360 arcade and still now working better

    No RRod no disc scratches even e74 than previous

    360. I dont know its gonna happend for 360 slim or

    maybe just a fake & bluffing but for me i still believe

    360 jasper now never getting RROD or other system failures

    on 360 now as they always thought even for fanboys

  • arsal

    can anybody gives me true suggestion i am going to buy xbox 360

  • JJJ

    Ok, My kids have a PS3 (has worked with absolutely no problems for over a year).
    My son saved up and bought the new XBox360 Slim (because all his freinds had XBox's and wanted to hook up on Live with his buddies). I thought it was a waste of $300 because we had a PS3 – but hey, it is his money.
    So we had it a few days and I tried to touch the power button – nothing!!! Oh, man…RED LIGHT on power supply brick. Ok, what gives, so I left it thinking it was some MS thing that I didn't have the time to understand. Seems as if it worked after that as my son was playing again.
    But I went to start it again and nothing – RED LIGHT – it now will not power up and I have tried everything. His week old XBOX is DEAD. Power supply will not go back to orange /green whatever/just red and it is dead.

    It also SPARKS a bit when I plug into the wall outlet – sounds like a short or defect with the P Supply – WHAT BS Microsoft. We now have a major hassle on our hands having to return/service wait, etc…for a BS product that sucks…

    Pissed DAD…

  • Persona

    Ya know what I think the problem is with most people's Xbox's? THEY TREAT THEM LIKE ****. Seriously, my friend is *****ing about how her Xbox keeps breaking, but she keeps dropping it, that's why! I mean, seriously, people — if you abuse any electronic, it'll break. I could make the laptop I'm typing on right now kill itself in like two seconds by shoving a screwdriver into its hard drive, but will I do that? No, because I'm not ****ing retarded.
    I bet this video is either A.) some idiot who threw his Xbox at a wall or B.) some PS3 fanboy trying to make the 360S look like crap. You could do the same thing with a PS3. Big deal.

  • Robert

    There MAY be a few problems, but for the PS3 FAN BOYS out there-keep in mind 1 in 1000 will always happen- ESPECIALLY WHEN THERE ARE 8 MILLION MORE XBOX'S THAN PS3'S. (wikipedia)

  • Ben

    I have a similar problem with my power brick for the slim. I was playing for about 3 hours (This is after a couple weeks of good play) my console just shut off and the light on the brick went red. But when i unplugged it for a few hours it started working again. But the same problem happened not so far after. My theory is that the Power Brick gets to hot or something and then the Xbox goes into some kind of protective cooldown. But i am going to get a new brick in a few days and i shall see if the problem was just with my power brick.

  • Zonark

    Wow For One This Guy Does Press The Power Button and gives it a double tap and for two look at the back its been opened labels cut…

  • And you can't say that someone who's pro PS3 is going to buy a new 360 just to make it look bad…

    And before you consider a PS3, they have their own list of problems:

    1. Disc moving mechanism fails.
    2. Hard drive failure.
    3. Blu-Ray drive failure.
    4. Internet connectivity failures.

    The thing that separates the PS3 from the 360 however, is a lower fail rate…
    I own a 360, it went RRoD three times in less than 2 years. I don't own any other console so I had downtime that sometimes went up to a month. My 360 is no longer in warranty so if it fails again (the disc drive is about to go, it's making bad sounds) I'm not giving it back to them, I'm either modding it or blowing it up…

    So far, my PC has had no game related problems…better than both a PS3 and 360…

    If this continues on for months (6+), I'd take global class action as MS would've screwed so many people over…

  • I'm not a Microsoft Fanboy nor a Sony Lover (I'm a PC gamer). But this is rather sad, say what you will but it's almost 2 months after launch and is literally filled with complaints in the new 360 S. Many complain of power brick failure (this video), excessive overheating, and some even complain about sticking trays, non working touch sensors, and even Red Dot of Death…Even in side by side comparisons the 360 S is not any quieter than the previous generation and it still scratches discs.

    I for one think that this "new" 360 is just an old one wrapped in pretty plastic and is Kinect and Wireless ready…Because while you can say that the above video is faked (and it's a possibility), there's plenty of hard proof of the Slim failing, sometimes on the first day of operation.

  • dats turruble

    wow why does this moron own 2 xbox 360's

    even the new one broke…FFS i still have a working super nintendo, game boy color, ps1 and those are all at least 13 years old or more. and my friends have working sega genesis consoles.

    this just in—- consoles are not supposed to break

    the problem with xbox 360 is that the people buying it have just become used to buying and replacing like morons or upgrading when they already own a working console. i have no sympathy for these idiots anymore.

    • Draakan

      So because he bought a new one he is an idiot? Maybe he wants a quieter machine. Mayber he did not want to spend the 100 dollars to get wifi ability. Maybe he wanted to get a new machine because he was worried about RROD…no it cannot be any of those reasons. He is just an idiot..thats why.

  • cause im black!?

    dudes its just the power brick not the console! the the power brick must have been put in an outlet with multipole things attached to it! and it dont matter cuz if the power brick fails just buy another one or send it to microsoft! its that simple! im not a fanboy but come on use common sense

  • ABZ

    XBOX HONESTLY SUCKS. Every Hardware has faults which is true but come on Microsoft said that the problems in the original xbox would be removed.. guess what? they aint. Seriously microsoft you guys need to get some better mechanics in the company because your console is letting down the world.

  • justin

    lol what is bill gates thinking he needs to play them not just put it together and then yah start selling it hes not that money hungry his net worth is like 52 billion like wtf

  • non-purchaser

    Pick a number…… 3 years (general expectations)
    IF your product fails before then, then simply FORCE the manufacturer to replace it!
    WHEN they refuse to, move on!
    Recoup what you can by selling the faulty junk to someone else (honestly!) and go to a competitor!
    that is how a manufacturer is forced to pruduce better products.
    IF YOU JUST PURCHASE ANOTHER… (feed the azzhole who stole your money) YOU ARE A SHEEP, and you deserve to be sold junk for the rest of your life.

    • Draakan

      This comming from an azzhole who sells people non-working things. Classy.

  • Cynleader

    Same thing just happened to me. Had my new slim for 2 days and got the red brick o' death. MS is sending me a new one. Hope this doesnt happen again, sure is alot better than having to get a whole new console tho. I was one of the lucky ones, I just traded in my day 1 xbox 360 to get the new slim, had it for five years without one single problem… Then I trade up and the damn thing works for 2 days…. figures.

  • P-Nasty

    Woooo this happened to me after a week. I'm just gonna take it back, get my money back, and move on with my life.

  • sam

    i got a new slim today had it on for 2 hour and it got the red light on the brick. called xbox they didn't know what the issue was, but they blamed it on the brick. They told me to return it to gamestop where I got it. tried the new power cord from my new console and it still didn't work so it is the system not the power brick. Just as junky as the on 360 yeppy! I'm still working with gamestop to try and get my save data off it.

  • thats what happens when you have foreign cables :L rofl

  • james

    well i think we should wait to blame anyone until the problem gets larger or more issues come out and one person coming out saying *Hi my all 5 of my xbox 360s wont read my disk so um fuck you microsoft.* well for the moment dont move the big box of magic or itll spit out $60 with a haaa bitch sticker that says shove this up ur ass and spin it

    • wrong forum… dammit lmao

  • Zac

    Look how closely packed he has everything…It is inevitable that something would go wrong or overheat. You need to give the brick and the console space.

    • Darren

      F*ck ya. You need to keep everything space out. Your T.V. console(s), prower brick, anything giving off heat.

  • w00t

    The xbox 360 will show an error if the audio/video connection isnt made.
    The red light on the power brick is simply a bad power brick.
    Replace it and go on with your life

    • its not a bad power brick you just have to let it wear in and if it fucks up send it back easy as dont go moaning on the internet

  • Anton

    A very big let down. I want to play reach, but my current box is screwing with me all the time, sometimes it wont power up. and sometimes it wont read my discs even if they are new. (and i´m on my second box now the first one got RROD)
    So no more Microsoft products for me until they can make a product that works.

    • Darren

      So what. you got RROD once. Im on my 3rd xbox. Stop Crying about it and deal with it. nothings perfect.

      • rahns

        the ps3 is 😀

  • It’s one in a million

    Billy Nichols

    • Mark

      It's not one in a million, it's probably more like one in two hundred, i'm am a total xbox fanboy, I have never owned a ps3, but i know there are ways that it is better, but that does not mean that all xbox's are pieces of shit, or inferior tech, there are a lot of ways that the 360 is much better than ps3; they both have their problems and they both have their strengths, i personally like the 360 way better, but that's my opinion.

  • mark suriga

    a lot of you xbots are really stupid for buying multiple xboxes whenever it breaks down. haven't you noticed that the machine just ain't reliable? pathetic, really pathetic.

    • Darren

      For one thing, alot of people dont buy new xbox’s when one breaks; Over hear of a F*CKING WARRANTY!

    • dano

      you are pathetic

  • AOClaus

    Why is everyone getting so uptight about a PSU failure? PSU’s fail all the time, in all sorts of products. Sometimes they get shipped broken. Any PC gamers here have a PSU fail on them? I know I have. Don’t think PSU’s ship dead? Go look at PSU’s on NewEgg, plenty of stories of DOA. Even Corsair ships DOA PSU’s at times.

  • just because

    I'm not surprised that there have been issues with the new slim because its a new product. There are always bound to be "bad apples" when new electronics are released, as well as unforseen issues. I admit its pretty dissappointing that microsofts "slim" xbox has been having issues the first week of release, but hopefully they'll get their act together and fix it. I won't let this convince me to never buy one, but I'll certainly wait until the problem appears to be resolved several months from now. I have one old white box and just purchased a jasper elite 3 months ago, and have not had any problems except for one red ring 3 months after I purchased the white box in january of 2008. I am also looking to buy a ps3. In any case, I don't think this is an indicator that people should totally avoid the 360, but wait until all of the trouble-shooting is done and problems happen less frequently.

  • Darren

    wow. u guys have no idea of how fake videos can be. theirs alot people hating xbox. a sony fan could have chopped and edited that video, just to hate on xbox. look on sites that you can trust the information. not a site like youtube.

    • Murdoc

      So a sony fanboy bought 2 xbox 360’s and got one replaced just to spite MS. Makes perfect sense

      • Darren

        who the F*CK said they bought IT!!!!!!!!

    • Ger

      true and people these days need to know how to limit their play hours, that's why there's so much rrod because there are freaks here who don't know when to stop playing so there's no point for them to complain it's their fault they have the rrod, my xbox lasted from release date and past the xbox 360 release date. My xbox 360 lasted from release date all the way to the release of the S model then it got rrod then I got the S model. So far the S model does get hotter than the original xbox 360 but it also cools down faster too so there's a good and down side to it but it's been a pretty good console so far, I've had no problems with it, it's whisper quiet on idle but it does get it a bit louder as you play games but it's not as loud as the old one, it's a good console

  • damper

    The damn thing has a short! Just like a breaker in a house, the power brick will trip if it detects too much current. Send it back to M$ and get a new one… they're probably waiting for it anyways.


    HA!… MS( Meaningless Shit) still can't get it right. American tech is so unreliable. And i was thinking of buying a 360 S. Japanese products are far superior. And I am well aware of ps3 ylod and the such. But seeing few ps3 instances against thousands and thousands of 360's rrod your oblivious in saying MS hater. Hey MS! make something that works well………………..Thought so. And I don't hate MS…only have no faith in their products. Truly a sad moment for people everywhere. And "A-dum" blame it on the house….really….you must be reamed by MS on the regular. Its 1st nature to you! hahaha

  • Alex

    And before any of you suggest something idiotic, like I keep the 360 sewn under the rug with a pillow on top so I don't have to turn my monitor up to 50% of its volume so I can actually hear the game I'm playing over the ridiculously loud fan and that's why it overheats, both systems are side by side out in the open with the same more than adequate ventilation and are never on at the same time as they are both connected to the same monitor, albeit the PS3 is HDMI vs. the component cables for the 360. So you keep giving your $ to MS…and they'll keep screwing you over. No thanks MS…no thanks.

  • Alex

    I cut off my MS LIVE subscription and am content to use the box with the current version of outdated firmware to play the games I have already regrettably purchased or to simply use it as a door stop. As for my PS3, I have never spent even 1 second on the phone with PS Support (if it even exists, lol), the console has never crashed, frozen or given me any issues and I use it for everything…gaming, watching BRD, streaming from my PC to TV, etc. So I am not a "PS3 fan boy", rather a 30-something professional who has had it with a corporate giant unloading it's substandard product on an unsuspecting consumer group fleecing them at every opportunity rather than doing the right thing…recall your defective product and fix the issue…hey it worked for Toyota.

  • Alex

    Say what you want about MS vs. Sony…the fact remains that the RROD is a real problem. I have had both systems (360 and PS3) from their initial release dates. I have replaced my 360 twice and the current one I have cannot take new software updates without throwing a RROD…After 34 hours total on the phone with MS "support" I had to discover how to manually reset the box to its former version of working firmware using the "secret reset code" by searching internet forums myself as MS "support" was content to jerk me around in the hopes that I would simply get frustrated and go out and buy a new one. Well MS, you will not get any more of my money…or my time for that matter.

  • Mewdad

    The IDIOT Is not suposed to have it hooked to your over loaded surge protector!

  • I dont know

    oh wow, I waited 5 years before I got the 360. I was excited when I heard their coming out with a different model. And I believed they fixed everything this time. was gonna sell mine at a huge loss to get it.

    Probably not anymore, getting worried….

  • i bought mine day one and it died within 45 minutes. This is getting ridiculous!! This is my 5th XBOX that has toasted on me within the first few days of having it and this one was right out of the box.

    • SuperKev420

      Maybe the power in your house is a screwed up?
      Ive had my xbox for a long time and nothings ever happened to it.
      After 5 xbox's i would check that.

  • bro

    gosh whats the deal is this thing basicly a pimped up version of the old xbox 360 man this is a bigger let down the the ninja gaiden game either way it dont matter to me i got the ps3 as well so either way ill get my gaming needs satisfied but god xbox at least try and 1up your compotistion

  • Adam

    Ok guys I think there is a little too much over reacting to a random youtube video about a power brick red light failure. Electronics can have one problem device within thousands of the same one. Those issue are going to happen with any electrical device. Plus there is no way too know for sure what caused the brick red light. There are plenty of houses out there that have faulty wiring. And I saw that he had one of those old computer power outlet boxes. I have seen some of those have issues, or even cause issues. Anything like that can happen with any electronic. I think most of the PS3 fan boys are the ones peeing their panties to see a video like this. Stuff like this just makes me laugh at the orgasmic comments that are posted by Microsoft haters. Its just plain laughable.

    • Actually adam, I just bought my slim 2 weeks ago. I'm an avid gamer. I've never had any consoles break, not even the piece of crap PS2 which was notorious for it. My siblings an I have owned 7 xboxes. One had an optical drive failure, 2 had red rings, and I bought an xbox 360 Slim to replace it. Guess what happened 2 weeks later? The good news is, yes, it shuts down when it gets too hot or freezes. The bad news is: That's all the damn time. If you didn't catch that is FOUR out of SEVEN failures. The xbox 360 is terrible design. I still have my modded xbox original from launch running, my ps2, my ps3, my gamecube, every system runs, but those pieces of crap are worthless with heating. It isn't fan boy stuff. It's just facts. I love xbox 360 more than any console. But to ignore that it's a worthless product with it's lifespan is just idiotic.

  • Nck90

    this guy is a dumbass and you are all dumbasses for listening to this video.. he doesnt have a videocable hooked up to it .. the same thing goes on with the older 360's.. no videocable means red ring or red light..

    • The Game

      uh no. The console will stay on but wont load…

    • Pete

      You're an idiot. I just had this same thing happen to my Slim as well. I was about to start a game on SSFIV and it just died out of nowhere, with a red light on the power brick. If you unplug the power brick, plug it in again and try to turn on it'll do exactly what it does in the video which is flash briefly then power down.

      I've left it to cool for a while now, it's at room temperature and all unplugged. Just re-plugged everything, turned on the console and it still won't power up. This is a genuine fault.

  • The Saint

    Sony needs to stop sabotaging Xbox 360’s and produce videos of the console breaking. People are sheep.

  • Tester7099

    When we tested the Xbox for heat and thermal issues, we realized fundamental design issues, and to fix those issues require more than just reducing the channel width of the IC from 65 to 45 nm. The design as a system does not allow heat transfer across the system as well as the PS3.
    Unless, Xbox Slim have a major redesign (Which we have not tested yet), than the RROD will always be there and method by MSFT to mitigate issues will help but not remove the issues.
    Do not buy Xbox Slim for the present, leave it for 6 months and let's the number speak of itself.

    • False Video.

      Haha who the fuck are you trying to pretend to be? If you knew anything about the "overheating" issue, You would know that its actually gone completely from this system. Of course, any system can overheat in the proper conditions. This persons Power Block didn't overheat, Hes just a PS3 Fan boy trying to make a video to down the Xbox. If you watch the video, you can see that his Video-cable isn't plugged into the system, This is what is causing his Power Block to show a red light, Instead of a green light when the system turns on. It was a nice try, But your not fooling the people who know basics. Good luck next time.

    • Robert

      Haha. You "tested" the new Xbox? 😀 At the shops or what?

    • San


      Exactly how full of shit are you "Tester 7099"!!!

      Wow… anyone who believes that you are an actual tester or that you know what the hell you are talking about should immediately eliminate themselves from the gene pool.

      You miserable sack of shit….

  • The light on the power brick only gives the status of the fucking power brick!
    I guarantee if he changes out the brick with a good one, it will function no problem.
    An actual hardware issue for the xbox is shown through a red light in the middle of the on/off button on the face of the actual xbox.

  • Satoru

    This sucks 🙁

  • Buck

    it's only one console, what do you people expect? zero failures? Not gonna happen, every mass produced thing has a failure rate.

    • Lonar

      yeah, get off M$'s dick please.

      • Sim

        Why? They make cheap shit in China. I would gladly pay $400 for an xbox made in the U.S. But it is a loss for jobs in America and its a gain for money for Microsoft. They don't give a fuck about the customer

        • Del

          I call BS. The reason shit is made in china is because people will not buy american made products at a higher cost.

          MS has taken care of me every time I had a problem. Unlike another console manufacturer that wants to charge me 180 bones to fix the console.

          Having said that, the plain and simple is that it is too early to tell if there is a problem. Due to the RROD issues, anything, and I mean any effing thing, that goes wrong is going to have some guy throw up a vid about it. For all we know the red dot guy drop kicked is power brick into an aquarium, baked it dry, then pissed on it for good measure before plugging it in.

        • Robert

          I agree. I have had an Xbox360 since 2007, no problems. When I did happen to call them over an inquiry for Xbox live (as for some reason I couldn't connect). They were quite friendly, helpful, and even offered someone to talk to my ISP about the problem.

          And-my friend had 3 ps3's in 1 year. 2 had the YLOD (like the RROD) and one just shat itself and turned itself off 5 seconds after you turned it on 😀

      • kevin

        why you feeling lonely liking sonys package.

    • guest

      microsoft said that the problem was solved 100%
      so according to them this shouldn't happen on any slim
      and is not the first i see

  • Red Brick Of Death… Step 1: Wrap brick in towels. Step 2: Turn on system and let run 20-30 minutes. Step 3: Cool down for 10-20 Step 4: Enjoy… lol I WONT BUY THIS SYSTEM AFTER ALL UNTIL I FIND OUT U JUST HAVE TO BUY ANOTHER BRINK WHICH MICROSOFT WILL SELL SEPARATELY FOR $100 haha!

  • carlos

    I watch the same video on youtube i knew it was to good to be true to be honest I really wanted to buy but I said to myself wait a few weeks and I did after a few days i started browsing different sites like youtube and other forums then I want to bestbuy I check the list review and they were 3 people complaining about the overheating problem after that i went to and also people complaining about this issue just really show how Microsoft really cares about their costumers even reducing the warranty to one year only thats crazy and not only that but also stop producing the old consoles like the elite and arcade console for me this is end of Microsoft why? because even if the older consoles were crappy lasted a few months longer than this crappy version this one only last a few days poor people I will stick up with my PS3 here is a link if you dont believe me from forum

    • awt

      My two 360 slim units are working fine. Zero issues. But I also run all my electronics on a UPS. So even my older 360s didn't have any issues.

    • sweety

      i all so bought a new xbox 360 slim and less than a week it did the same thing red dot on power nothing my advice donot buy one they are crap

    • Robert

      PS3 fan boys.

      • Woozle Wuzzle

        wow apparently robert is a 360 fanboy.

    • nobbynomates

      why are people complaining about the rrod or the rdod, It's merely an indication that the xbox has a hardware problem.
      It's as simple as the unit calmly and quietly telling you ok I'm broke call a technician.
      Would it be better that there was no indication on the brick itself.
      So that, as we searched in vain hoping for a simple solution, the brick just sat there looking blankly at you saying to itself, warmer, warmer, colder, colder nope it's not the powerpack, or the tv, or the fuse, now you're looking at me…still unsure as to why I don't work….BECAUSE THERE'S NOT EVEN A SIMPLE VISUAL DISPLAY TELLING YOU I'M BUSTED.