White iPhone 4: Release Date Delayed by Apple

By Alan Ng - Jun 24, 2010

We have more news on the white iPhone 4 to bring you now – and it is what we all expected. Apple has stated that the white model has been delayed and the company has given us an update on when we should expect to see it back on sale.

As reported from BGR, the white iPhone 4 has been delayed due to manufacturing problems – according to Apple. They did not go into details on this, but they did confirm that customers looking to pick one up will be able to do so during the second half of July.

For the moment, the black version is only available – starting from today if you are lucky enough to prize one away from stores. How many of you are holding back for the white version? – I know I am.

Give us your thoughts on the delay.

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  • eyefardet


  • Luna

    I am waiting for the white iphone! I dont care what people say about it! Im waiting for it and no one is gonna change my mind about it! Its not your money im spending anyways so f off! hahahahahahahaha

  • Nina

    Apple suxxs!!!! They could atleast give us a damn date!

  • Johnny

    My entire family is waiting for the white ones. Screw the black ones, white all the way!

  • david

    OOOH MAAA GOD… wat da F***** ive ben wanting an iPhone 4 so bad but ima wait…. DAT WHITE ONE LOOKS SEXY CANT WAIT TO GET IT HURRY UP APPLE UR KILLIN ME MAN!!!!!!!!

  • Choc

    I'm willing to wait for the white since i've already had the black original and 3G but if my local Apple store gives me a hard way togo like they are about the ipad i'm just gonna get the black and get a white cover it's really not that serious!

  • for 28 days now, i have been able to resist, just barely, from buying a black one. the white one better be available soon because i don't know how much patience i have left in me!

  • Kage

    i know im waiting for the white 4g. to this day im still rocking the first iphone, 4 years…whats another couple weeks to get what i really want right?

  • noplan

    i wish i could get an iphone without a plan and not pay so much. It looks so much better than the ipod and has 2 cameras while ipod has 0!!!

  • Emily June

    When I went to AT&T today I did not know you had to wait for the white one, so I ended up getting black, way I see it is I will have a case anyways so who cares what color it is underneath? So while I'm enjoying my new iPhone 4, all of you are waiting 🙂

    • Becca

      Thought the same thing too – it'll be under a case, so what does it matter. Until I saw pictures and realized the front face plate (where the older models were always black) is going to be white as well.

      • white iphone

        No cases are available.
        Only a bumper which overs the edge of the phone.
        Apparently no cover is need as the plastic used on the front and back will never crack or scratch!

        • Jeff

          A guy at my mall waited 4 hours opening release day to get his iPhone 4, he walked in bought it, walked out. He walked out of the store, opened the iPhone box, took his phone out and he dropped it on the ground. The entire back shattered and the front had a huge crack in it.

  • steven

    perfect timing because my 2 year contract expires july 26th meaning I can get that crucial discount on the white 32GBizzle!

  • richie

    im waiting for the white one but i think im getting a black one one if i can get it by monday or Tuesday and it soon is the white one come out i buy one o those to hell yea im chingon lol

  • Chris

    Yeah as much as it's killing me, I'm holding out for the white version 😀

  • Kelvin Shoebrook

    I’m going to wait for the white iPhone 4 but it is extremely hard. The only problem I have with apple is why would you present the phone to viewers and not make it available. I felt as though I had the option to choose which phone I wanted but they stripped that away from me. I can’t understand the delay. It’s not like the phone is going to be better or faster than the black iPhone 4. All it is is a cover….a face….that’s it. Just a simple color change. This should have been taken care of. They knew the market was going to be like this smdh!!

    P.S they lucky I love the iPhone 🙂 so I am going to wait for her!

  • Seymour

    wtf apple come on! im going to wait yes, but i dont like it at all!
    ughhhhhhh ive been pulling my hair out with my shitty disfunctional blackberry and i miss my old 3G(rip Pelellope) lol
    but im going to wait.

  • sim

    I will be waiting for the white one! Cant wait! I have put in a pre-order with orange for one.

  • Bob

    I will wait for the white, but i wish that apple would give a date in july as i rang tesco mobile but they said that apple werent releasing it until august. whats going on?

  • Jim

    I will wait for the white just cause it looks better! And I will not settle like the rest for black. Plus by then apple would have fixed all the hardware problems on the white ones… and those with black iphones will have defected iphones!! =p

    • Nia

      so true! I'm also waiting for the white one even with a shattered screen which I currently have on my white 3 GS

  • Viv

    As hard as it is going to be i am going to hold off and get the white one. Im sure my boyfriend wont be to happy being that the only thing i can talk about is getting the iphone

  • kia

    I really want the white one and will hold out till the middle of july if my phone makes it! but i have to say it is really stupid of apple to take so long to state what everyone already figured out– that there are problems in manufacturing! they should have figured this out before the june 7th unveiling of the iphone4! whoever is in charge of production is probably in hiding since the 15th!

  • Craig L.

    Yea i agree…..Wish we knew what day in july. My upgrade date is july 14th so im hoping its around that time. So since i have to wait till then, might as well get the white one! ! !

    • Kimmy

      As long as you are eligible for an upgrade by the end of the year and are already an iphone user, you can upgrade to iphone 4 at any time.

  • Michelle

    I'm waiting for the white model. I currently have a white 3G…what's another few weeks!

  • Chris Collins

    White it is for me. I’ve put up with the black original and 3G for long enough – another month won’t kill me. White front and back is how the iPhone should have always been. It finally looks like a classic Apple product with the White/Metal/Glass.

  • Lauren

    Im waiting for the white.. even though its soooo hard!

    • untitled

      thats what she said

      • dylan


        • drew

          Thats also what she said.

  • Ryan Amos

    I thought as much… I wanted a White one, but I’m not waiting another month just to have it in White, black is five for me! =]

    • Alex

      hey even if you get the black, buy a white case on ebay!! or vice-versa