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Thousands Queue for iPhone 4 in London

Today saw the launch of the latest Apple offering, the iPhone 4, this prompted thousands of people to queuing in lines outside Apple’s flagship London store this morning.

The London-based Apple store (on Regent Street) opened it’s doors at 7.00am today, some customers admitted that they had queued for 24 hours to get their hands on the newer, smaller and lighter iPhone.

Apple revealed the iPhone 4 earlier this month at their annual Worldwide Developers Conference, the iOS 4-based smartphone looked very impressive especially with its high-resolution display.

One Canadian who lives in Dubai flew travelled to London just to pick up an unlocked version of the iPhone 4, that is dedication!

First day sales are expected to be massive, therefore as we find out exact figures we will do our best to keep you posted.

Did you queue for the iPhone 4? If so, how long did you wait? Was it worth it?

Source: BBC


  • Mike

    Unlocked….. If only that were true.

    The moment you put a network SIM in to activate the phone it locks it to that network.

  • Pete

    I bought my iphone 4 from Carphone Warehouse, I thought they would supply a temporary micro sim while they sorted out my number transfer (I read that on the O2 site), but no, I was told that the micro-sim supplied, would be updated as soon as my original full size sim was switched off.
    Like many others before me, I have the message "Waiting for Activation – this may take some time". 7 hours as I write, and still not activated. The annoying thing is that I needed to use my phone, so checked to see if the old one works (switched off early this morning) Yes the old phone still works, so am I jeopardising activation by using my old phone? I'm told that it may take 48 hours to activate my phone. I reckon there will be a lot of irate iphone owners out there today. on the packet for the micro-sim, it says "Were better connected O2"
    I think not.


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