Nokia N-Series: Hello MeeGo, Goodbye Symbian

By Jamie Pert - Jun 24, 2010

Anyone who has been following my posts for a year or so will know that I am less than complementary of Nokia’s Symbian-based smartphones, this is because two years of my life were wasted using the slow and boring Nokia N95 and Nokia 96.

Therefore I am quite pleased to hear that Nokia’s future N-Series smartphones will be Meego-based, Meego is a combination of Nokia’s Maemo and Intel’s Moblin operating systems.

Personally I think there has only been one great smartphone from Nokia in the last year or so, this was the Maemo-based Nokia N900, my hands-on experience with this handset was a lot more enjoyable than it was with the Nokia N97, N96 or N95.

The next Nokia smartphone due for release is the Nokia N8, this smartphone runs Symbian^3 and looks much better than previous Symbian-based efforts, however the news that they are now backing Meego suggests that Nokia have finally realized that they may need to concentrate on alternative platforms to compete with likes of Apple, HTC and Motorola.

Do you think my criticism of Symbian is unfair? If so, let me know why in the comments section below.

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  • ughljhgjlkhg

    I believe this new Nokia N950 device will be the turning for Nokia… I mean, I've had the N900 maemo device for just over a year now and this phone is great. It's fast, responsive, looks great and from a hardware stand point, I haven't found anything that can match up to it. And, if the N950 is the predecessor of the N900, I expect fireworks. And, contrary to the majority of views in here, I don't believe Nokia's going anywhere anytime soon; although we've had the innovative arrival of the new face of smart phones over the years recent, Nokia has still remained on top as the number one selling phone company worldwide' even with Symbian. Sure, their sales dropped but they still endured.

  • Oscar Marquez

    Nokia should improve the look of the UI of symbian fot the old models and use android & symbian for the new ones, these phones should be able to use both system. Symbian is faster than windows mobile and even android but it doesn't have the LOOK.

  • MeeGo is Nokias last chance.If Symbian isn’t dead already,it will be when it gets hit by an HTC Thunderbolt,a Motorolla Atrix and a few other run away freight trains.Symbian will die a very speedy death in 2011.m

  • Kool Blue

    I am using Nokia 5800 XM close to a year now and believe me I have vowed never to purchase another Symbian phone. For the 1st five or six months it ran smoothly but after that it started behaving abruptly. Sometimes it would just hang, after receiving a new message that I would like to read. Sometimes it would hang as if it liked to do so, with no apps running in the background. Starting again after it hangs would drain the battery so much that even if I charged the phone in the morning it will not last till the evening.
    I have not used Nokia N8 (which comes with Symbian ^3) but I think it is the same wine in a new bottle and cannot compete with new generation touch-friendly phone OS Android or iOS, etc.

  • bill

    Have you used windows mobile phones?

    You will never find anything that is slower than wm system. I can't beleive that symbian is slower than windows mobile.

  • xyzxyz

    Then you never used a N96 or a SE W950I UIQ3.
    This devices are so lame you can’t imagine. Every time I get a message it takes the phone (N96) about 3 Minutes to open it(And it’s nothing wrong, It’s normal, according to Nokia service center), and I have only the base System running no other Applications or games are installed.
    Symbian is dead, to old, it should be redeveloped from the scratch but that costs too much money. Symbian 3 is not much better, it’s just like Windows 7 (Windows Vista with a new look). It’s time for Nokia to do something but I don’t know if Meego is the right thing, from the things I'm reading about Meego it’s not much better, it's still slow but hell it's just version 1 maybe it will get better. I don’t think that you can find something that is faster than Android 2.2 at the moment. I don’t know about iOS 4 cause I don't care about hype systems…

    just my two cents…


    • jango

      if you had n95 n96 its normal given the hardware,they are hardly smartphones in my opinion.symbian had not been designed for touch devices(forget multitouch),like windows they some how added the touch thing on an old os rather than start from zero….thats what they must have had in mind developing from ground symbian3.
      they were pushed into the touch thing with iphone and they seem to be running in reaction.for exemple ovi maps became free in response to a google maps project and a bad opinion on n97.the same way symbian became open source when everyone went android ,and som ios or wm7..

  • bill

    I don't think so. Symbian is faster than windows mobile, android, or other operation systems.

    I think it's a stupid decition for nokia to give up symbian.