New Xbox 360: One-step behind Sony PS3

By Peter Chubb - Jun 24, 2010

Before I get slated for this article, I would just like to say that I am only reporting what Lev Grossman from Techland said. He reckons that the new Xbox 360 – Slim to some – is a step backwards when you look at what Sony has done with their PS3 games console.

He picks up on the point that the first Xbox 360 was rushed in its development, and although it was a hit with gamers, it was not good for the image of Microsoft. The reason for this was the corners that were cut to try and keep costs down and to get it out quick.

Microsoft has realized the error of its ways, but Grossman wonders if the new Xbox 360 is still one-step behind the likes of Sony. He points out that Sony started off with a black glossy finish on it’s PlayStation 3 as it was all the rage back then and has since gone to matte black for is slim model. Microsoft it seems was bit behind; they started off with the matte finish and now offer a glossy finish.

That is not the only issue, one reader on Techland points out how much the new Xbox 360 looks very much like the original Xbox – they should have stayed away from black in that case. We also have to point out that some of these new models have been overheating much like the previous ones, more information on this can be found on our recent post.

We are certain that most will not agree with what Grossman has said, what do you think?

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  • Adam

    Who gives a flying poop about blu ray, unless you live in a college dorm. Buy a real home theater setup with a quality stand alone blu ray unit. Unless of course you’re satisfied with your sub par vizio or whatever other shit people buy from walmart along with their shitty home theater in box units with plastic sub woofers no video switching, no dts hd or tru hd decoding support and happily connect them to a gaming console when watching movies…. Please. Ps3 is a very nice gaming system but justifying its purchase because of blu ray is retarded. Purely a marketing ploy. Everything is going to online on demand anyway.

  • I hate douches

    "This new chipset runs cooler and will allow for more lush graphics"

    Jesus… you are a douche. The graphics will not be 'more lush', its exactly the same fing system. The graphics will be exactly the same as the earlier model because its still an Xbox 360. you are such a loser.

  • Me.

    Yes you guys failed to mention that new xbox s system has n type wireless which is actually faster than the ps3 b/g wireless. Also the new Valhalla mother board is 30% smaller combining the gpu and cpu. This new chipset runs cooler and will allow for more lush graphics. Plus the innovation of one large fan is just smarter cutting down sound and getting rid of more heat. And using the logic of going backwards with the new finish, couldn't the reversed be said? That the ps3 went backwards, copying what the xbox 360 originally started with, or is the fact that you are such fanboy's of playstation that your misconceived notion of what is hip is correct? Don't get me wrong, in my house there is two ps3's and two 360's and guess what the 360's are usually on twice as much. And to be honest, is blue-ray that much better? I am still playing the games in 1080p. Who gives a flip. To be honest, when watching a blue-ray dvd I get annoyed having to sit through five minutes of unfastforwardable jargon of stuff I don't want to see. Both systems are great but think for a moment what you are saying, the xbox went backwards? No my friends they went a cut above the rest!

  • adam

    lol this is just stupid twining over consoles……. am getting my 360 tomoz or today cant wait i have a ps3 but £40 per year online its like 12p per day come on u all twine about consoles over heating look at how corrupt countries are these days GROW UP

  • tank

    Because of low capacity dvds, final fantasy story line had to be made linear, a step backwards because of non blu-ray drive.

    • Hardcore Gamer

      Exactly, also Mass Effect 2 had to be put on 2 disks!

      Metal Gear Solid 4 kind of made fun of Xbox when they said you need to change the disk. Then the charactor said oh wait, this is the Playstation 3, no need to swap disks here.

  • david

    the comeback from ps3 to counter natal is a big colorfull dildo?? have fun ps3 users.

    • Hardcore Gamer

      Multi purpose, you can pleasure your woman and play at the same time.

      Natal/Kinect is overpriced and is limited. Xbox is all about shooters but how you going to shoot without buttons!

      Move is much better and PS3 has many more qualities the 360 lacks. You go ahead and stick with 360, when the next best thing comes out you'll find your self without online gaming (like they did for original xbox) and without tech support for your Red Light of Death.

  • marhorn

    Ha 1080p only on ps3! I download and stream movies in 1080p with my xbox so what is the point of blu ray? To have extra storage for games? Theres only like 3 games which actually utilize that extra space! I liked metal gear solid, god of war and uncharted but the rest are rubbish! Killzone sucked! In fact blu ray spins a lot slower than dvd forcing it to load a LOT more often and a LOT longer Kllzone sucked for this reason (and yes I have a ps3) Xbox is by far the better console! Still king of online (by far) better games, better controller for all games except street fighter 4 (but if your serious you get the stick) more people online on any given game. I am looking forward to Natal (im still calling it that) more than that gay looking wand thing!


    • Hardcore Gamer

      Good luck playing once the new console comes out. When the 360 came out Microsoft dumped the Xbox, no more servicing, no more games, no more servers for online play.

      You can play the supposed Xbox exclusves on a PC and you don't have to pay there. Why do they make you pay on the 360.

  • Jason

    Screw movie i bought a 360 to play games NOT MOVIES i agree blu ray is pointless the ps3 cant even handle a regular tv because of that… i say 360 is better and if you think ps3 is better your a NOOB

    • Hardcore Gamer

      PS3 is better, unless your just a kid living with your parents and only own a piddly little SDTV. Besides, look around, they don't make SDTV's anymore.

      Blue Ray, better exclusives, better controler, better motion controler (Move) It's all about PS3.

      Neverthe less the free online game play, and when the next system comes out you better beleive that Sony will still support the PS3 unlike Microsoft dumping everything once the 360 came along, forcing you to upgrade. That's how Microsoft rolls.

  • Fatty

    This is the lamest article I've ever read. Nothing but speculation from somebody who obviously has an agenda against Microsoft….whatever dude!

    • Hardcore Gamer

      Actually they are stating that Microsoft should have learned from Sony. PS3 changed because of scratches and fingerprints but that's not the real issue. The real issue is overheating and eating disks. Neither of which the PS3 has been prone to.

      I think the PS3 will easily surpass 360 in sales this holiday season. Kinect is overpriced and doesn't appeal to the normal 360 audience.

      The Move along with excellent true exclusvie games makes the PS3 the console of choice. Read around, everyone knows it. You'd have to be either stupid or just an Xbox Fanboy to buy the new 360 slim.

  • Ash

    How you any one can say Xbox is behind Ps3 when their argument is only mentioning color scheme? Is it not about the players game play experience and not how pretty it looks?
    I personally couldn't care if they only make a pink one the size of my t'v i'd still buy it for the advantages it has and the excellent community and gameplay

    • Hardcore Gamer

      Xbox is behind PS3. Most games have been developed for the 360 since it was easier to program (360 is simular to program as Xbox and PS2) and ported to the PS3.

      Now developers are realising the potential of the PS3 and will be developing for the PS3 and porting to the 360. Most multiplatform games have not been created equal.

    • Chris Sulley


  • The Saint

    Stupid fanboys. Buy BOTH consoles. And if anything is holding back the industry it’s the advent of multiplayer/co-op. Because of multiplayer, developers have become lazy and have been reduced to designing maps for players to run around in.

  • Repo

    It's not about having to change disks. Its the fact that one console requires it while the other doesn't.

  • Adam

    Ok dudes, this is laughable. The whole overheating issue with the new xbox 360 S is based on a recent you tube video showing the Power brick getting a red light. The 360 S did not overheat. And electrical equipment is bound to have one bad device out of a thousand. These fan boys wetting their panties over a random you tube video of some dude getting a red light on his power brick is just hilarious.

    And the whole eating discs issue, come on guys. There was a report at E3 where the 360 slim scratched a CD, but the guy was moving and wobbling the system around looking at it while it was playing a game! Who the heck does that!? That is just stupid. Of course a disc drive can scratch a cd if your moving it around everywhere! Im just glad Microsoft has put some really great improvements to the new 360. Stop wetting your pants over every little random video you see of an issue with electronical equipment.

    • Billy

      But the other 45,000 XBox 360 slims that were not moved around and have still scratched discs are okay then?

  • Ryan S.

    You know, I think it shouldnt matter what console you have as long as its what you want. I hear all of the PS3 guys complaining about the Xbox Live costing a monthly fee. What i dont really hear is the 360 guys complaining about it. If it doesnt affect you, just leave it alone…. Who the hell cares. I prefer xbox. The controller fits my hands unlike the PS3. To each his own…..

    • Hardcore Gamer

      Well I'm glad that you like the Xbox controller but to me it's the other way around. Sony hasn't had to change their controller in 3 generations and it's all because it fits perfectly in the hands. I don't have to strain to reach any of the buttons ont he controller like I do for the 360.

      Also the rechargable battery is great as I play a lot of games and would roll through the AA batteries if I had the 360.

  • The Saint

    All the points in the article are very cosmetic in nature. It’s hard to believe that 4 to 5 years into each console’s life cycle fanboys still exist. Anyone who claims to be a gamer and does not own both consoles is losing out. I bought my first PS3 back in January of 2009 (fat version) and traded it in to buy a PS3 Slim a couple of months ago. I’m on my fifth Xbox 360 (paid for 3) and looking to trade it in to get an Xbox 360 slim. What’s not to like? The 250gig HD means you have tons more room to install your games, which means playing your favorite games will take a lesser toll on the console, which means extending the life. Also, the 360slim looks cool.

    • Hardcore Gamer

      There is no reason to buy an Xbox! Why pay for online gaming? you can get the PC version of all the exclusive games and not have to pay for online gaming!

      I have a 7 year old PC with a pretty cheap graphics card and can play all the Halo, Fable and Mass Effect I want. I will never own an Xbox I can guarentee you that.

      I am a sony fan boy and always will. I've stayed with them since console 1 and have never been disapointed, especially now!

  • Ryan

    I think Microsoft are very very petty. They rush a console out because they know the one that comes out first most people buy, they then charge people to go online, buy batteries for the controllers, do not have inbuilt wi fi or blu ray. They then pay companies millions to secure exclusive dlc. To me its petty and holding back the games industry. For example most AAA game titles are developed using the 360 then ported to ps3, meaning its fulfilling the potential on 360 but not ps3. If you look at ps3 exclusives and the graphics and games are so much bigger. Imagine if gta or call of duty were ps3 exclusives they would be much better than they are being built for the 360. Its annoying because I own a better console in the ps3 but have to suffer with poorer quality of games because of the port idea.

    • Mason

      Lol ok. First of all. PS3 is boring. The only kind of games you get on PS3 ins action, Adventure, and Racing. BOOORRRING!!!!. Blue Ray Adds to the Cost of the system, there's no need in it, people buy Game Consoles to play games not watch movies in High Def. Hint the name "GAME CONSOLE". PS3 had to take all the fancy features off when they released the PS3 Slim to lower the cost just because they have Blue Ray which ups the cost that's sad. The Xbox 360 has more Exclusive Titles/Better Exclusive Tiltes Such as Gears of War, Halo 3, Gears of War 3 Releasing in April. While the Ps3 has what? Metal Gear Solid 4? which came out 4 years ago. Microsoft also added all the features that the PS3 Had at it's release at the low cost of $299.99 because they don't have the pointless Blue Ray Player so they can do that. The graphics of the systems are no better than the other. You're retarded if you think one system has better graphics than the other. I own both and they look the exact same even the Exclusives for both systems. XBOX 360 is just the overall better Console.

      • Pacman33

        @ Mason

        I don't know if you can't get out much or something but you sound as if you're from the past. If you feel that the 360 has better exclusives fine, but don't try to defend that idea with outdated information. The games you named for 360 are all old except GOW3, which has yet to be released. Over the past couple years Sony has been outdoing all other consoles when it comes to exclusives. You only named 1 of their first exclusives and conveniently failed to mention games such as Uncharted 1 & 2, Killzone 2, LBP, Infamous, Ratchet series, Valkyria Chronicles, Heavy Rain and GOW3. I can't think of any rrecent 360 games that come close to this lineup and please don't say Alan Wake or Halo ODST.

      • Maundrel

        Wow are you like 6….You can not tell me that blu-ray is not an important factor, unless you are 6 in that case, I understand. Any gamer over the age of 16, also loves their movie’s and their is no better then BR. And dude, take a good look at the exclusives on PS3, Metal Gear Solid 4, that’s all you can come up with. How about Uncharted, Little big planet, Gran Turismo, Killzone, Resistnace, GOD OF WAR FOR CHRISTS SAKE!!!!…do you really want me to keep going, I think they have more then just action adventure, your confused with xbox. I am no fanboy by any strech, but you have to honest and fair. Xbox does have some great exclusives and their online service for the time being is better (I will wait to see how PSN+ works out). But their hardware is crap, they refuse to correct thier mistakes and they think that by adding Wi-fi (which they should have done 5 years ago…)and a larger hard drive, it’s going to overshadow their faults.

        P.S. Natal/Kinect looks like a gimmick, I can’t see how this will be implemented into it’s core games i.e. GOW or Halo.

      • CrazyFlakJacket

        Lol, u obvioulsy dont have a ps3… especially if u think ps3 only have mgs4… u must forgot about uncharted series, resistance series, killzone 2, twisted metal… and really, blu ray only delivers the biggest and greates games.. and dont forget about the unrivaled 1080p movies… you tell me… just 1 game that looks and plays better than uncharted 2… on ur 360..

      • ryan

        Blu-ray is not just for dvds. It has an extra layer so an extra 20 gb of data can be stored in games… hence on ps3 the graphics and games are better.

        • david

          you are retarded thinking blue ray benefits graphics, do some computer research kid. the only thing blue ray benefits on games is the movie cut scenes within the game. rook…. buy a 360 and be happy.

        • Hardcore Gamer

          Buy a 360 for the same cost? No way. PS3 blue ray is awesome, something Xbox didn't have the thought to use.
          Blue ray is nice so that we don't have to switch disks like Mass Effect for your little 360 disks. Blue Ray also allows a lot more detail and content to be put in the games.

          Developers are starting to develope for PS3 and port to 360 which will show the true difference in consoles.

          Have fun swapping disks! I'll be playin straight thru while you get up to do that.

      • Hardcore Gamer

        Wow, you are wrong on so many levels.

        What exclusives? Uncharted, Infamous, Little Big Planet, God of War ,Gran Turismo.

        You are calling out Exclusvies for Xbox as Gears of war? That's freaking boring. And by the way. 360 has no exclusives. Look up any of your exclusives for the PC, yeah they are there, AND YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY FOR PC ONLINE PLAY.

  • Mark

    Now the Xbox Slim and PS3 Slim cost the same, you would be insane to buy the Xbox.

    There is no Blu-Ray
    the Xbox Slim still destroys discs
    It's costly online and to add periphials.
    Xbox Live is no longerer king of the hill.

    • Darren

      1)You dont need bluray

      2)It only destroys disk if you move it(so dont be stupid and movie it)

      3)Online is great. they would be stupid not to charge gamers for it.

      4)Xbox live is still “king of the hill”

      • Hardcore Gamer

        (1) Blue Ray is the best way to watch movies. It's a huge bonus to have that unless your just a kid with a SDTV but even then when you move out of your Mom and Dad's house and get your own place, you may want it someday. PS3 has a great track record.

        And guess what? When the new Xbox comes out they will probably dump all the support for the 360 like they did the original xbox. No online play, no support for anything that goes wrong like the RLD.

  • bullet

    Stop being lazy and just change the disc, I mean really…. what do you do when you have to change a game, pop a dvd on??? I have a PS3 Slim after my PS3 60GB got the YLOD (yes, they do fail too even if just a chosen few), and if anyone went backwards on anything was Sony, they stripped away ps2 compability, stripped away 2 usb ports, stripped away touch sensitive buttons, stripped away other OS…The Xbox 360 has undeniably been improved from the older xbox 360 "aesthetically".

    • Hardcore Gamer

      The PS2 is still sold for $99.00 brand new. They may have stripped away backwards capability but at least they didn't discontinue the ps2 like Xbox did.

      Good luck keeping an Xbox going and playing games online when the next system comes out for Xbox. When 360 came out Microsoft dumped the online play and service. The Xbox's all essentially became bricks.

      • joe

        No one cares about previous systems anyway. Its about what’s out now.360 dominates in games. And sony is the one barely jumping on the games that at one time could only be played on x box. What does that tell u?

  • bullet

    Does it look like the original xbox?? Where are the similarities?? Cause I can not see anything other than maybe the side vents that would look like the original xbox. They made the console quiet, touch sensitive on/off/eject buttons, included wi-fi and added 2 more usb ports, is that a step backwards??……. so what if it doesnt have blu-ray, when I bought my console it was to games, not to watch blu-rays. So what if a game has to include 3 discs?? I never heard anyone complain about it when Final Fantasy 7, Metal Gear Solid, Parasite Eve, etc came out..

  • bullet

    I, for one, dont think its a step backwards, and it would be ridiculous to think that it is just because they chose to go from matte to glossy. I mean the first iphone had an aluminum type on the back of their phone, then they came out with a matte black on 3g (correct me if I'm wrong) then glossy black on 3gs….

    • Hardcore Gamer

      The real issue is the overheating wasn't fixed. And it sounds like the eating disks wasn't fixed either.

      Like I said earlier, the glossy finish shows scratches and fingerprints. Microsoft should have learned from Sony's earlier mistakes. The matte hides both those things.

  • That sounds disappointing, if the past is an indication of the future, I don't expect a fix to be rolling out anytime soon on the heating issue.

  • Joe

    Is that all. Nothing of real significance

  • hollywooda

    You're nitt picking over glossy & matt finishes!?… this is your argument?… get a real job.

    • Hardcore Gamer

      Who buddy. The glossy finish is nice looking until it gets scratches and always shows fingerprints. Sony learned from this but Microsoft took a step backwards.

  • Michael

    The new 360 slim also eats discs like the old one too.. Microsoft didn't improve things much… the new 360 slim is still a turd.

    • jacob

      all xboxs will eat discs, forever. The disc has to spin at a higher speed now to output the information to create modern engines and graphics. Get used to the idea, don't move it while it's on.

      • Darren

        You shouldnt move while its on any way. how stupid can you get!!!