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New Kinect for Xbox 360: Price dictates success

A few days ago we reported that Microsoft had officially announced the price for the new Kinect device for the Xbox 360, which we then learned that this price is subject to change. It is no secret that the price of this motion-sensing device will dictate its success – so what should that price be?

Christopher Dring & Michael French from MCV believes that it needs to be a price that consumers will warm too, some believe that this price will need to be below $100 – $50 plus dollars lower that is currently reported.

Both Dring and French reckon that $100 is still too expensive – something that retailers seem to agree with. It is nothing new that a price dictates the success of a product- but this is more important than ever, as it also dictates how well the new Xbox 360 model will sell.

This is a very tough and competitive market that Microsoft is in, yes they do very well with Xbox 360 console sales, but motion-sensing is new to them – one that they are hungry for. What price would you pay for the Kinect device?


  • s.j.b.

    well the new xbox looks the part it would look nice with my hdtv but the price is a bit steep at £280 but thats for the xbox and kinect and do ya get a game at that price?

  • john

    I would pay about 100 for it .If it becomes popular people will pay anything just to have it

  • JKB

    I would pay 50 – 75….but it will never happen. They are always expensive on their accessories.

  • Doug

    Since the Move and Wii both require a controller set per person even $150 is a deal if Kinect can handle four different people at the same time as in the videos.

  • I think that $99.99 is the right price for this. $149.99 is still a good price, considering that Kinect reportedly supports up to 4 players. You will spend more than $150 for the two player set-up for the PS Move. $100 will move more units though, and that is the name of the game.

  • Bry

    I would say $79.99 sounds reasonable. Maybe a little more if it was bundled with a game or something.

  • hookle

    i would pay about £50 for it because its new and is not 100% stable as yet

  • romello

    this new xbox is the bomb. it looks awsome and i will get it as soon as possible..did it even come out yet? i really like xbox i've been dealing with xbox since the first one ever came out. i wonder is i can get one for free.


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