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Kingston: 2009’s Top Memory Manufacturer

Last year sales of memory modules were massive, this probably had a lot to do with the release of new Operating Systems from both Apple and Microsoft Windows.

Market research from iSuppli has revealed that in 2009 Kingston were the top global memory manufacturer, this was determined by looking into the company’s market share and revenue.

iSuppli’s research revealed that Kingston had a massive market share of 40.3 percent in terms of DRAM modules in 2009, memory sales in this year brought Kingston a whopping $2.85 billion.

There were no real close-competitors to Kingston, the closest was A-Data with a 7.4 percent share of the market. Quite surprisingly Corsair only managed a share of 3.5 percent, which put them in eight space.

Who do you think will dominate this market in 2010? It is hard not to back Kingston.

Source: SlashGear



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