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iPhone Problems: ‘Yellow Stain’ Will Fix Itself?

After reports started to surface around ‘yellow stains’ or blotches appearing on some Apple iPhone 4 units, users took to forums and blogs to try and investigate exactly what this ‘yellow branding’ was.< --more-->

One suggestion that has reached us today over at Apple Insider claims that the ‘yellow stains’ are due to a rushed manufacturing process. The source claims that the discoloration is down to the adhesive used to bond the glass layers in the screen to each other.

The adhesive used is –Organofunctional Silane Z-6011, which requires a period of drying post application. It is thought that due to the rushed manufacturing, the adhesive has not yet had time to set, but should disappear a few days after using the phone.

But what does the source know? Apparently he was one of the people involved in pitching the idea of Z-6011 to Apple themselves. Also, a few of the users over at the Apple Support forums are saying that after using the phone for a few hours, usually in warmer surroundings, that the blotches have now disappeared.

Have you experienced the yellow stains or blotches on your iPhone 4? Are they still there or have they since disappeared?

Source: SlashGear


  • Jennie

    My son is having this issue and was told it would go away and if it doesn’t that it would be replaced. We are now in the battle of cashing in on the “it would be replaced” promise made to us but are having some challenges with that. We’ve been told that they can replace it but that it might be replace with a “refurbished” phone and not a brand new one…you can imagine my upsetment after paying $400 for a new iPhone only to be told that the replacement would most likely be a “refurbished” phone.

    Looking forward to hearing more information on this…


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