iPhone 4 Vs Motorola Droid X: Size Comparison

By Alan Ng - Jun 24, 2010

We have a treat for those of you planning to pick up either the just-released iPhone 4 or Motorola Droid X in July, as we have a image comparison gallery to show you now – giving you a idea on the size factors of each device.

The image gallery comes to us courtesy of Engadget, who have managed to upload a series of pictures of the iPhone 4, side-by-side with the just-unveiled Droid X handset.

As you can see from the first picture, the Droid X is considerably bigger than the iPhone 4, packing a 4.3-inch display compared to Apple’s 3.5-inch screen. However, the iPhone 4 display will have a higher resolution than the Droid X, but the Droid X will offer a ‘better’ 8 megapixel camera compared to the iPhone 4’s 5MP.

Is the Droid X too big for you? It does look like a mammoth device when compared along side the iPhone 4 we have to say. Check out the pictures over at Engadget here and let us know your thoughts on the size battle.

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