iPhone 4 – Twitter Says iPhone 3GS Had Better Signal / Reception

By Jamie Pert - Jun 24, 2010

If you compare the iPhone 4’s hardware specifications and functionality against the 3GS’s there is no doubt that the iPhone 4 is the out and out winner, however there could be a fundamental problem which could seriously affect iPhone 4 usage.

We are hearing that many iPhone 4 owners are unimpressed with the handset’s reception, some even say that the iPhone 3GS’s signal was much better, it could just be a software issue, however concerning none-the-less.

Twitter users are venting their anger through tweets, CharlesBColeman recently tweeted “Iphone 4 has major flaw. Loses signal in your hands”, also Tango70Twit‎ tweeted “Looks like apple have made the iPhone4 reception even worse than the already crappy signal strength on the 3GS”.

To balance things out not all Twitter users are experiencing problems with the iPhone 4’s signal, trunkguy‎ tweeted “I have had no signal failure all day. Online scare mongering. I am very impressed with iphone4 so far”.

If you check out this video you can see that the iPhone 4 drastically loses signal when held, to me it sounds less like a software problem and more like a hardware design fault, but I am in no way an expert one the matter.

We would like to hear your opinions and feedback, therefore feel free to answer the following questions. Is your iPhone 4 experiencing signal problems? Do you think that it is a hardware or software fault? Do you think Apple should concentrate more on fundamental cell phone capabilities?

Let us know your answers and thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • crazyrabbit

    well, time will supply the lack, phone4 did make a great improvement over iphone3, well, my iphone4 do have signal failures but i can understand it .and now with the annesoft iphone4 vedio converter, i can see the footaball with iphone4 very easily.

  • igtufit

    As I recall, Apple designed the metal part of the case to act as an antenna, theoretically to increase reception. It would (unfortunately) stand to reason, then, that wrapping the user's hand around the phone could compromise the signal. Yet another good reason go use a hands-free device for calling.

  • Tos

    just got it, hold it in my left hand and the call drops ): I want my $ back! now

  • Lou

    You need to get the "Bumper" so u don't loose reception…The Bumper truth comes out….29 dollars for a bumper come on apple….they should be for free…its apples mistake…Bumpers

  • Jyoti Pandya

    Iphone4 and iphone 3 laid side by side iphone 4 shows less bars and goes to no service while iphone 3 continues to work