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iPhone 4 Problems: Yellow Stains on Display Screen?

We have some worrying information to bring those of you planning to pick up the new Apple iPhone 4, as it has been reported that one specific part of the Retina Display screen is suffering some discoloration issues.

According to this article from BGR, users have been complaining on the official Apple forums, that their device has begun to show a ‘yellow stain’ in the bottom right-hand part of the display.

Thankfully, this doesn’t appear to be affecting all iPhone 4 handsets, but no doubt this is a major hardware flaw if it is affecting a collection of handsets. Hopefully we’ll be able to bring you more details on this soon.

Can any of you confirm that this is happening to your iPhone 4 handset?


  • Jennie

    My son is having this issue and was told it would go away and if it doesn’t that it would be replaced. We are now in the battle of cashing in on the “it would be replaced” promise made to us but are having some challenges with that. We’ve been told that they can replace it but that it might be replace with a “refurbished” phone and not a brand new one…you can imagine my upsetment after paying $400 for a new iPhone only to be told that the replacement would most likely be a “refurbished” phone.

    Looking forward to hearing more information on this…

  • Vickie

    I have the 3.0 and just did the new update they put out. I Noe have yellow line across bottom and up side of screen. Yuck!!

  • Ben

    Just got my iPhone today and never mind yellow spots. My screen does not work at all! Spent 1hour on the phone to apple trying all sorts of resets and firmware reinstallations. Now I have to send it back and wait for a new one to arrive. I am not happy!

  • Again.. Not only that. It appears today, that the so-called gorilla glass of that glorious 'sapphire crystal' display of the iPhone 4 isn't so tough at all!

  • Mark

    Yes I have a yellow “stripe” across the bottom of my iPhone 4. More pronounced “spots” in the bottom corners. Not good.

  • Fortunately I have noproblems with my screen and I know there was some sort of issues and some people have them but I think it was seriously over dramatized by the media (much like this iPhone deal will be)

    So far I am loving it, I have no issues with it's functionality or build quality at all.

  • Scott

    It was happening to mine yesterday when I initially turned mine on the for the first time. This morning however it seems to have gone away. If it comes back I'll let you know.

  • Rob

    I don't have the yellow circles, but i have some weird pearly artifacts on my screen.

  • Christina

    Having the problem with my phone hope they fix it! I have two yellow faint circles in both the left and right bottom corners!


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