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iPhone 4 Problems: Do you have reception issues?

Today is a big day for Apple, as it is the launch day for their iPhone 4. We picked up on a couple of issues earlier – one concerning the line segregation and the other about possible yellowish discoloration appearing on that new Retina display of theirs. However, we have just learned of another problem, this time with its reception.

Devindra Hardawar from VentureBeat has been explaining how some people were losing reception when they held the antenna band on the fourth-generation iPhone in a certain way. You can see this happening in the video that we have posted for you below.

Gizmodo has also seen this problem, 16 readers said that they also had this same problem. Apple is aware of this screen issue and has already given customers new units, but they have yet to acknowledge this problem with poor reception.

However, as owners were still able to make and receive calls it could just be a software glitch. Do you have the same issue? Please share this information with our readers.



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