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iPhone 4 Issues: Flawed screen reports increase

When Alan Ng reported in an earlier post that numerous iPhone 4 customers had noticed a yellow discoloration on the screen. We first assumed that this was an isolated case, but a quick visit to the Apple Forums proves that critical issue with the flawed screen has increased.

Some of the Forum members report that this yellowing only appears when you select something with a white background. The discoloration is only small, but appears much larger when you rotate the phone.

This is not the first time that this has happened, Apple had the same issue with its 27-inch iMacs – we are still waiting for Apple to respond. One user said that it took him 45 minutes to notice the flaw in the screen however; his was different as he had three spots.

Another user has contacted his local Apple Store and already booked his iPhone 4 in – we are not certain what they can do, but the most obvious would be for an exchange.

One Forum member is now considering refusing his delivery, this way if it is faulty it will be easier for Apple to send him a new unit. Do you have the same screen issue?



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