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iPhone 4 Drop Test Video: Screen not so tough

Not so long ago the guys at iFixYouri Blog did a drop test on an iPhone 4 without its motherboard – they finally received one with all its guts inside. The previous test to see how tough its screen was did not go down well with readers, as there was no video proof.

It seems the guys at iFixYouri Blog knew that the previous test came under question – especially as there was no video evidence to back it up. It is nice to see them redeem themselves once more, but the results go against those bold claims made by Steve Jobs.

They found a nice flat surface behind their building and made certain that there was no debris on the ground, as this would not offer a true drop test. They held the iPhone 4 at the same level that you would normally hold one at while using one.

What followed next was painful to watch – especially as I am still waiting for UPS to deliver mine. The first drop was fine, then second was when the phone switched itself of, it was only by the fourth drop that the so-called tough screen cracked.

Watch the video below; do you think that the screen is any tougher than any previous Apple iPhone models?



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