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iOS 4 Problems: Red Circle Shows Message – Nothing There?

It would be fair to say that updating iPhones to iOS 4 has not gone quite as smoothly as Apple would have hoped, we are now hearing of one annoyance which has been frustrating quite a few iPhone owners.

Users on Apple’s support forums suggest that the red circle notifications that shows up when you get a new SMS / Email shows up, however when you check your inbox no new message is there.

One iPhone owner suggests switching the phone off and back on again allows you to see the new message, however is not a perfect solution. Another user suggests that moving to another folders (such as junk or sent) and then going back into the inbox allows you to see the new message, again this is far from ideal.

So far we have heard of iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 smartphones being affected by this problem, therefore it could be very widespread, have you been affected by this fault? If so do you have any tips on how to resolve the problem permanently?

Source: Apple


  • Santi

    I spoke too soon nevermind it does not work, I just started having problems again, sorry.

  • Santi

    I called ApleCare and the solution they gave me was this, if you have you bluetooth on just turn it to off and it will save your battery life and also so far it has work for the text too

  • Danny S

    I am affected by this and I have reset my phone over a dozen times today. Someone please do something about this!


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