Facebook Blocks Twitter ‘Friend Finder Application’

Not everyone knows this, but Twitter do infact have a Facebook application that shows it’s users which of their friends use both social working websites. But Facebook admitted there was a problem, and has decided to temporally disable and block the application.

According to the Telegraph, they say that Facebook are currently working together with Twitter to resolve the issue, but it is still not clear whether or not Facebook intentionally blocked the application, or if it was a problem in the update.

More information regarding the application is set to be released later on today, where it is expected that it would be fixed.

While we are on the subject, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder yesterday said that he is confident that the social networking website would reach 1 billion users around the world, building on the 500 million it already has comparing to that of Twitter which has around 100 million. Do you think this is plausible?

Source: Telegraph



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