Crib Recall 2010: List of seven companies

There has been yet another crib recall, it is reported that more than 2 million will be recalled and will involve seven companies. There are fears that babies who sleep in these cribs could suffocate, or in some cases fall out of the crib itself – this will certainly make parents worried, and for good reason.

As we mentioned above there are seven crib companies having to issue this recall, these include: Child Craf, Delta Enterprise Corp, Evenflo, Jardine Enterprises, LaJobi, Million Dollar Baby and finally Simmons Juvenile Products.

According to The Chicago Tribune, most of these affected cribs have drop-sides, which in some cases can become detached and present a gap for the baby to crawl through. It is this gap where babies’ heads can become trapped, which could cause suffocation or strangulation. This is not the first time that such a recall has affected cribs.

Thankfully there have not been any reports of deaths, but one child was found to be unconscious. For a complete list of cribs affected by this recall visit link above.



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