China To Announce New Online Game Restrictions

By Jamie Pert - Jun 24, 2010

News has reached us today that China’s Ministry of Culture is set to announce a few more restrictive regulations concerning MMO’s and other online games starting from August 1.

The new regulations that will be put in place will attempt to reduce the risk of gamers becoming addicted to online gaming, and also allows minors to gain protection from “unwholesome” content within the online gaming community.

A new set of rules concerning in-game goods will also be addressed, making use of virtual money and/or points to make purchases of services and in-game content. Minors will in no way, shape or form be able to conduct in any virtual transactions.

With the Chinese online gaming population ever increasing, it is thought that as many as 100 million gamers could potentially be playing online games of some sort in the next few years. An estimated 93 million are thought to already exist.

What are your views on China’s rules for online gaming?

Source: VG247

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