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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 DLC: Onslaught Mode Hits Xbox Live

If you are a fan of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 you will be glad to hear that new DLC has hit Xbox Live today, this DLC is called Onslaught Mode and costs 800 Microsoft Points.

Quite strangly the DLC is just 956 KB in size, which proves that the DLC was already on the disc, just unlocked by this download. Personally I think there should be some sort of law against this, if the content is already on the disc it should be unlocked upon release, not unlocked once you pay more money.

Any way rant over, Onslaught mode will allow up to four players to team up in a co-op online mode, apparently this is the first time a Battlefield video game has ever allowed online co-op action.

There are four new multiplayer maps to get used to, these maps allow you to fight enemies in the air, on land and even in the seas, here you must secure capture points against the clock, you can then compare your times against fellow Xbox Live gamers.

If you enjoy a challenge Onslaught Mode is well-worth purchasing, there are four levels of difficulty which should test your squad’s ability, even if you complete the missions on the highest difficulty you will always have the added challenge of topping the Onslaught Leaderboards.

To purchase Onslaught Mode and add it to your 360’s download queue check out this link.

Have you purchased Onslaught Mode? If so, was it worth buying?

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  • Jacob

    Can I play two players on the same console with this addon?

  • Coors…..

    In my opinion 800 is not bad for what you get, it was a nice change.

  • John

    I downloaded this late last night, so didn't get much of a go on it, but from what I did play I thought was a very decent add-on to this game, good for gun and run with quick kills I found….we will see if the lag affects this in the long run too though….

  • Wills

    I'm pissed that VIP isn't free. Boooooo. The lag fix better be worth a ten minute download

  • Luke

    its too much for something like this. £7+ no way…. i was expecting around £3.99 max. should be cheaper for VIP users

  • json

    i got this and found it hugley buggy, hit box's seem to be way out, not to mention the repetitive gameplay from the AI. it seems 85% are all useing RPG, why?, they all die the same, its not exciting 1 bit, its boring specially only being the for maps, it should be free for VIP and maybe just a few points for otthers… very dissapointed i think,

  • halobpy81

    800 points for new maps is a good price compared to 1600 points Modern Warefare 2 wants. Last 2 update on MF2 would cost you 3200 points, now complain about that & not a low 800.

  • Humpfrey

    I played it last night and thought it was great… I finally got a good go at mowing the opposite team down..

  • Knackerface

    you dont need friends on it everytime it will match make you with random people. play some of it this morning pretty hectic

  • Paul Speer

    Onslaught mode was brilliant, i enjoyed every moment, it was more tougher than playing on single player, the only downfall is the 4 maps, i am hoping the future map packs will be to include more maps from Rush or Conquest onto Onslaught, and hopefully in near future more new maps

    • Tom

      No more map packs being released after Vietnam – after that, wait for Battlefield 3 (out on consoles and PC), or get Medal Of Honour (comes with battlefield 3 beta code)

  • joe

    Not worth buying. Maybe for 400msp but 800, noway.

  • Yeah

    Hmm, how's about you update your OP then?

  • Jeff

    I'm getting tired of several hundred megabyte requried downloads for this game. This is the second time in two weeks I've tried to play and been required to download some ridiculously large update.

  • Adam

    data is not on the disk maybe?

  • Cereal KillR

    Is it a VIP download or did we get crap on….sucks for the ones that paid for the VIP

  • bum: is it "date" or "data"? Hard to trust someone who cannot spell such a simple, yet key word in his sentence. Anyways, I hope a lag fix was in that update, because this game would be amazing if it was not for those lagging…lag issues. Does anyone know if onslaught mode is friends only, or does it have a matchmaking style where you can play with non-friends?

    • nig

      LMAO 1st sentenc

  • bum

    wrong, the date is not on the disc…you download the multiplayer update…which is 400+ MB that has the onslaught data on it…as well as an update to fix lag… so the date IS NOT on the disk

    • Jamie Pert

      I stand corrected then it seems


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