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Apple iPhone 4 Teardown

The new iPhone 4 is now out and people have been able to touch the new Apple device for the first time. Most of us know what Steve Jobs wanted us to know about what makes the smartphone tick, so at least now can we truly learn about the internal workings – well those who are brave enough to take the thing apart.

We know that some customers received their iPhone 4 early, iFixit explains that one of those people who took possession early was an engineer at a Silicon Valley startup, he was only too happy to give it to iFixit for a teardown.

This is the first legal teardown – unlike the Gizmodo one – and the first thing that we can see is that it does have that A8 processor and 512MB of RAM – this should certainly make things work faster and smoother.

Removing the rear panel reveals that huge battery; this is very easy to remove, as it is not soldered in place like previous models. iFixit wrote this article before any of us had an idea about the screen issues, which we recently mentioned. It seems that this has become a huge problem – something that we will go into more details in a later post.

For the complete iPhone 4 teardown visit iFixit.



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