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Activision ‘wary’ of Supporting Sony Move & Microsoft Kinect

Being one of the leading computer games publishers in the world, you would have thought that Activision would have jumped at the chance to get on the Sony Move and Microsoft Kinect bandwagon. But that does not necessarily seem to be entirely true.

Activision are being very cautious when it comes to the new control methods that the big console makers hope will make it in to a new generation of console gaming. It’s not as much the concept, but more to do with the prices of the new units that “absolutely” concern Thomas Tippl, the Activision chief operating officer.

Although Microsoft have formally agreed that the price for Kinect will be at $149.99, a lot of consumers believe that this price is too high for a motion sensor ‘webcam’. Move on the other hand is priced at $49.99, the navigation controller $29.99 and the PlayStation Eye camera, which is also required will cost $39.99.

A bundle for the above will cost $99.99, which also comes with Sports Champions. But if you look into it, you are looking on spending around $100 minimum for each device.

Activision are playing the waiting game to see if the Move and Kinect become a big part of the gaming world, but that all depends on you gamers. Will you be purchasing Move or Kinect?

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  • TesseractE

    Wait, wait…. so let me get this straight…. *Activision* is concerned about the price of these peripherals. We're talking about the same Activision that puts out DJ Hero, Band Hero and Guitar Hero, right?

    OK… Just checking before I start giggling again.

    • kameo

      The cost for developing for PS3 is already high enough , and with Move offering not much more than the WiiMote im not surprised.
      Activision has threated SONY to buck up their ideas or they will have to drop the format as the costs are that high.
      It was a PS3 exclusive game that brought down the UK developer Free Radical Design.

      Kinect is VERY high risk – even for Microsoft as it is a completely different control system.


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