World of Warcraft: Patch 3.3.5 Known Issue Notes

By Jamie Pert - Jun 23, 2010

Even though the patch for WoW in North America dropped yesterday, players were left bored for hours after the maintenance was extended, frustrating many a WoW player. When everything was finally back up and running, more issues have been found and here is the list of them so far.

Many glitches have been found, but although they do not necessarily affect gameplay, they are still annoying. Among the most noticeable are ‘The proc on Deathbringer’s Will causes shapeshifted female tauren druids to change fur colors,’ ‘Shoulder armor does not attach correctly to Blood Elf Male characters.’ ‘Performing the /eat emote while dancing as a male Bloodelf can cause some very unnatural character movement.’ ‘Achievement Criteria for Call in the Cavalry resets after logging.’Casting Levitate while standing on top of a chest after it disappears will cause the player to disconnect.’ More can be found at MMO Garden.

The new implemented features are also acting suspiciously, with ‘last online’ time not dynamically updating properly, you can have two windows of the same conversation open, and a LUA error will display if you click Broadcast toast from a RID friend that have since been removed from your friends list.

A number of Dungeon and Raid errors have also popped up, such as; ‘Pit of Saron – Scourgelord Tyrannus can remount Rimefang during the encounter.’ ‘The last remaining player in a random instance group can miss out on Random Dungeon loot’ and one of two Hailon errors.

For the full list, which is not yet complete may I add, check out the source below.

Have you run into any of these problems? Are you having any new issues not listed here?

Source: MMO Garden

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