Will iPhone 4 follow failure / problem track record?

By Jamie Pert - Jun 23, 2010

If you are wondering whether or not to upgrade to the iPhone 4 you may want to check out this recent Mashable article, this is because it takes an in-depth look into the failure rate of the previous iPhone versions .

According to their article 25.6 percent of all iPhones failed within two years, 18.1 percent of failures were due to accidents, whereas 7.5 percent of failures were due to device malfunction.

The iPhone 3G mostly suffered problems with the touchscreen display, followed by button issues, power problems and battery faults, if you compare these faults to the iPhone 3GS you will see that Apple made great progress with screen problems, however power-related problems were more common in the 3GS.

A failure rate of 25.6 percent across two-years does sound pretty staggering, however it is apparently lower than the industry’s average. If you would like to delve deeper into iPhone malfunctions check out this PDF document put together by SquareTrade.

Personally I think that mass produced smartphones are always going to be susceptible to a pretty high malfunction rate, this is because smartphones are probably one of the only modern day devices which stays with you for pretty much every hour of every day.

The question is does a failure rate of 25.6 percent put you off buying an iPhone 4 on a two-year deal? If so, what smartphone brand do you think manufactures more reliables handsets?

Source: Mashable

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