Mozilla Firefox 3.6.4 Released: No more crashing

By Peter Chubb - Jun 23, 2010

We mentioned last month that Firefox 3.6.4 beta had managed to fix a few bugs – we can now tell you that Mozilla has now taken the browser out of beta. The biggest enhancement to this version has to be no more crashing caused by third-party plugins – the worst offender being Adobe Flash.

Firefox 3.6.4 can either be downloaded here, or go to your browser and check for updates. There are a number of updated features, but the most important to the normal user is that Firefox should no longer have the crashing issue.

Ben Parr from Mashable explains that this is still an issue with Google Chrome. The new crash protection helps to utilize out-of-process plugins – making third-party plugins much more stable, these include Flash, Silverlight and Qucktime.

There is one tiny setback, crash protection will only work on Windows and Linux – we are not certain when this feature will be made available for Mac as Mozilla says that major changes would have to be made to Firefox. Ben Parr reports that this will happen some time later this year.

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