McDonald’s and Toy Lawsuit: Social Media’s Impact

By Jamie Pert - Jun 23, 2010

Over the years McDonalds marketing strategies have been questioned by many, however we are hearing that the Center for Science in the Public Interest may file a suit against the fast-food restaurant giant due to the ways they market products towards children, this particular case has resulted in a huge response on Facebook.

The suit basically claims that by giving children toys with their happy meals they are in affect ‘handing out candy to children’, meaning they are using a child’s desire for toys to promote bad eating habits, which can last a lifetime, you can find out more about the lawsuit here, for now we will concentrate on the huge response this matter has received on social networking websites.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) have their own Facebook page here, lots of unhappy Facebook users seem critical of the potential lawsuit, an extract from a wall post from Amanda Roberts LaRosa says “McDonalds is not luring children, they are luring adults who lack parenting skills”, whereas another Facebook user states that “McDonalds is a faceless corporation that makes a profit from selling something that harms people”.

It is not just Facebook which publicizes consumer opinions, ABCNews’ recent article has proved to be very popular, so much so that it has received hundreds of retweets and 181 comments (at the time of this post), without social media there would be no easy way for consumers to have their voices heard, also retweets allow Twitter users to share one story to thousands of other Twitter users at the click of a button.

Do you think social media has a positive impact on matters of public interest?

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  • Debbie

    I want to know why Mcdonald's is the only Fast Food Corporation being targeted. Practically all fast food restaurants have followed in Mcdonald's foot steps and offer kids meals. Why are none of these other fast food chains being addressed?

  • LuSinDa

    You hit the nail on the head, I couldn't have said it any better.

  • tpo211112

    REALLY? how riduculous. So they give toys – what about restaurants that give free dessert to kids, what about other fast food chains that give prizes. Even better how about holding the parents accountable for saying no – & limiting the amount of McDonalds their children eat. I personally have gone to McDonalds with my kids sometimes just to get "a snack" apple dippers or yogurt parfait & a drink & the toy which can be purchased without buying a happy meal. Parents really need to stop trying to find a big expensive corporation to blame for their childs behavior or weight issues & start looking at what they as parents are allowing. A happy meal now & again is not the problem with kids becoming obese or over weight – it goes way beyond that and the lack of control that people have is their own issue, not McDonalds.

  • Debbie

    If they are going to try to force Mcdonald's to take away their kid's meals, what about Burger King, Wendy's and every other fast food restaurant that offers the kids meals? At least the portion size of the kid's meal is much better than all the ridiculously oversized portions of the adult meals offered by all restaurants. It's not the food making people obese as much as the frequency and portions and then all the fattening desserts!! Kid's don't eat the toys!! And the parents have the final say so about whether they take the kid's for fast foods or spend a few extra minutes of their day planning healthy meals at home. The parents that are continuously taking their kids to fast food as a convenience for them are also the ones that are overweight. Duh! The parents aren't manipulated to take their kids to Mcdonalds. They are just too lazy or unconcerned to cook!!! This is ridiculous.

  • goreadd

    Should they also have a lawsuit against our congress, a first grader has only one recess a day outside and one day of PE a week. The schools have been cut so much that they have eliminated all non teaching activities that we now ask a 5 year old to stay in a classroom for six hours with 20 recess for the whole day. It sounds like the schools are teaching OBESITY. We as tax payers are ultimately responsible.

  • Liloleladi

    Parents control child intake not advertisers. My kids loved the toys at McDonalds. I loved the price so on the rare times we went out to eat on a slim budget… McDonalds fit the bill. People should not blame companies for their bad parenting skills or behavior of their kids. I weigh 90 pounds and love Coca Cola and resent anyone would talk about taxing it as a "obesity" drink. Reasonable folks should not be denied or taxes for others lack of judgement and control.

    • Jill

      Could not have said it better. Parents start parenting!!!