Lotus: New Product Line-Up to Rival Ferrari and Porsche

Lotus made some bold statements yesterday, by saying that the company will see a “Dawn of a new era.” Proton who now owns Lotus has been rounding up a great team of people from a number of supercar and sports car companies, such as Porsche and Ferrari, and is to develop a new line-up that will go toe-to-toe with these brands – as well as Aston Martin.

For years we have been used to Lotus using a Toyota powerplant, but those days are numbered. They know to take the fight to Ferrari and Porsche they need to not only produce a car with great performance but also add some luxury to the mix as well.

According to Paul Tan, by 2015 Lotus hopes to start selling cars from €100,000 to €130,000 and also wants to increase sales from 2,500 to 8,000 units per year. The company now has a new logo “Tomorrow’s luxury sports car, today.” Kind of catchy don’t you think? Future Lotus models will go from a fun-day at the racetrack to a more complex up-market machine.

Some of the features to be included from the new models include: active aerodynamics, hybrid, HUD, as 7-speed twin clutch transmissions and much more. This certainly shows that Lotus is serious when they want to duke it out with the big boys from Italy and Germany – we just hope that they succeed.



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