Baby Walker Voluntary Recall: Affects 8,400 Suntech Enterprise Products

8,400 baby walkers have been recalled voluntarily by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Suntech Enterprises, Inc. after it was found that the baby walkers can fit through standard doorways and fail to meet the requirements of stair-fall protection.

The official press release from the CPSC indicates that no injuries have been caused or reported, but come December 21 2010 all baby walkers will have certain requirements that they must adhere to. They include being too big to fit through standard doorways, and come with features that act like a gripping system to stop the walker from going over the edge of a step.

If you think you may own one of these baby walkers that are being recalled, the first thing to look at is the color as it was sold in blue, pink, and green with a white activity tray and vinyl seat. It would also greatly help if you still have the packaging where you can check the item number ‘WK110’ or ‘WK112.’ When returned, you will be eligible for a full refund.

Also to note, these walkers were manufactured in China, and were sold at children’s product stores in California, Illinois, New York and Texas between January 2007 through to December 2009 for around $25-$30.

Source: Chicago Tribune



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