AT&T iPhone 4: High pre-orders Affect In-Store Availability

By Jamie Pert - Jun 23, 2010

If you were hoping to pick up an iPhone from an AT&T store this week, think again, we are hearing that the huge amount of pre-orders has resulted in AT&T stores offering the iPhone 4 at a later date than originally planned.

Many potential customers were hoping to pick up the iPhone 4 from AT&T stores on June 24th, however we have now heard that the general public will have top wait until June 29th.

On June 29th it is thought that there will be huge queues across the U.S. at AT&T stores, iPhone 4’s will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis, therefore If you are eager to get your hands on the iPhone 4 on June 29th you may want to get to your local AT&T a few hours before it opens on Tuesday June 29th.

Will you queue up outside your local AT&T store on June 29th?

Source: IntoMobile

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