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Xbox Live Gold Family Subscription Plan: Only $99.99

The news from Microsoft keeps on pumping, and alongside releasing information regarding the official price for Kinect, the Xbox pioneers have also announced plans to expand the Xbox Live Gold subscription to be more family-friendly.

Currently, individual plans start at $49.99 per year, but Microsoft hope to turn this on its head and release a plan costing $99.99 which will apply to four separate users under the same household.

The deal is thought to come with a “Family Center” set of controls, accessible from the Xbox dashboard and Each primary account holder will be in charge of the payments and will also be able to distribute points to each of the four separate users who are on the plan.

The deal becomes active this November, so Xbox households who have more than 2 frequent Xbox players wishing to take advantage of Xbox Live Gold, this is definitely a step in the right direction.

My only question is, why didn’t they think of this sooner? Are you in a family of Xbox Live users? Will you be taking advantage of this offer?

Source: Microsoft



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