World of Warcraft: Patch 3.3.5 Released To North American Players

By Jamie Pert - Jun 22, 2010

The long awaited patch for WoW will be dropping today for North American players, but a little bit of disappointment comes with the released patch notes informing players that the ‘Ruby Sanctum’ raid will not be coming just yet.

Along with the update comes ‘Real ID,’ a new feature that instead of having ‘character names’ as friends, you can now communicate with real life friends over any Blizzard game, server or faction, regardless of what character they are logged into.

Back to the Ruby Sanctum, the reason that the raid will not be available just yet is due to the way the patch is being implemented. As the patch is being released a week before the European players get their hands on it, it is thought that it will be made available in around 1-2 weeks time.

Other changes coming with the patch make changes to the chat system, and the ‘vote kick’ system which is a part of the ‘dungeon finder’ feature.

To read the official patch notes, check out, or you can view the latest PTR patch notes via the official World of Warcraft patch note page.

Source: WoW

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  • jalin

    same here

  • OiVei

    I can't get on either. Keeps taking me to the download window and then tells me i have the patch. Is that what's happening with others. Basically, I'm in this download loop.

  • jalin

    o so im not the only one at first i thot i was the only person im glad i found this site now i am not alone

  • jalin

    why doseint wow work i just bought the game and downloadid it and every time i click on the luncher it dose not work and im giting really po if any one can help me please do

  • Hornivich

    Man I still cant log on get to startup menu hit PLAY and nothing?? it is thursday 6/24/10 wtf!!!!

  • Shiatsu

    lol. that was cute…

  • idk

    this is ridiculous its 12 hours after the first said time…

  • lsd

    so yeah im gonna guess its gonna be say 6 months+ till cataclysm comes out cause of this stuff -_-

  • Guest

    kk Dw, 7pm it says now

  • Guest

    any idea how much longer?

  • Koragos

    Any idea how much longer?

  • tom

    I think we should be compensated for the time lost. After all we do pay to play

  • scrapeycoco

    umm i hope it ok soon

  • scrapeycoco

    my penis is itchy

  • nick

    are theyre any videos showing anything about ruby sanctum? and how are the boss fights?

  • Dylan

    ….really…its going till 5 pm now pdt…thats like 8pm where i am 🙁

  • Brian

    not today.. extended to 8pm gmt time 🙁 (5pm PDT)

  • Ih8Blizzard

    Blizz sucks… Give me a break first it was 11 pdt 1 pdt 3 pdt 4 pdt and its 7:07 Eastern. Give me a break… Turn the game back on. Ive been bored all day on my first day out of school. Blizzard sucks.

  • pwnzertank

    oh noes! A patch involving my little world has kept me from accessing it and now I have to appear as I am a normal person!

    nerdrage FTL

  • ret pally

    more gear i have to pug with morons to get. lol

    all i do on my 80 now is old world raids xD

  • Kendal

    ya still not up after four hours of wait time… and then they say wait gonna be another new patch coming out at 4 PM PST… what the hell really? couldnt give a dang about the new chat features dont really use them anyways…

  • name

    For those that cant go without the game for a few hours…. go kill yourself now for your life is meaningless.

  • fsd

    Bizzard is usually pretty good about stuff like this.

  • ashley

    and now its 1 and still cant log on

  • Guest

    the maintenance is going to be going on tell 9pm??

  • alleigh

    Blizzard is normally realty fast at fixing this stuff thanks blizz

  • Rupert

    yeah, they extended the maintenance….

  • ian

    It's going to be broken? is that why i can't log on? haha 🙁

  • Guest

    Nice, the game will be broken til 7-9pm just for a new chat feature, sweet deal 😀