Tesla Motors New Models: Cabriolet, van and crossover

Telsa Motors will begin its public offering next week, so you will get to see CEO Elon Musk out and about trying to sell his business to investors. In preparation to this, Telsa will hold a road show in the hope of increasing public interest in their electric vehicles.

Darryl Siry’s blog has learned that Telsa is to offer a range of new vehicles based on its electric platform. Autoblog thought that they would take a closer look at these models and found that there will be a new cabriolet, van and crossover – these three will help to complement the Telsa Model S.

All modes will have its battery pack beneath the floor, much like the system used on the Nissan Leaf. The best of the bunch has to be the cabriolet version; it truly is stunning and will certainly have the Fisker Karma Sunset in its sights.

Telsa is set to make a few changes to these new versions of their electric vehicle platform; the most important of those is liquid-cooled power electronic. It is thought that efficiency will be greatly improved. For more details visit RetailRoadShow



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