Samsung Vibrant: T-Mobile’s Name for Galaxy S

By Jamie Pert - Jun 22, 2010

If you have been wondering what U.S. carriers will be offering the Samsung Galaxy S you were probably happy to hear that it could be coming to T-Mobile USA, we are now hearing that they may be rebranding the handset as the Samsung Vibrant.

To be honest the handset’s amazing Super AMOLED display suits the name ‘Vibrant’, therefore I think it is a good choice, however at the moment T-Mobile have not yet confirmed this.

According to CellPhoneSignal this will definitely be the handset’s name when it is offered by T-Mobile USA from July 21st, I guess we will have to take their word for it until we hear an official announcement from T-Mobile.

What name do you prefer Samsung Galaxy S or Samsung Vibrant?

Source: CellPhoneSignal

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