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New iOS 4 iPhone Privacy Policy Update: Shares your data

The hype surrounding the new iOS 4 for the iPhone is almost over since it was made available for download, but there is still much to talk about, such as Apple’s recent update to its privacy policy. It seems that they will share your data – iPhone owners are not happy with this, but Android has been doing it for some time now.

Sean Hollister from Engadget found an interesting article on LA Times, which explains how Apple can track your GPS. Once they have this information they can then use it to share your data with “partners and licensees”. iPhone users fear that Apple could sell this data, but Apple has said that they will only use the information anonymously.

That is not the only feature that has iPhone users worried, it looks as though the new ad network iAd will also keep an eye on your browsing habits. However, there is a way for you to turn this function off, just go to where you can then turn off automated cookie collection.

We are not certain why people would want to hide their location, it is this feature that makes iPhone apps and other services that gives you a much better experience with your smartphone.



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