New iOS 4 for iPhone: Compatible app updates

By Peter Chubb - Jun 22, 2010

Apple’s new iOS 4 for the iPhone is not even a day old and already a host of app updates have rolled out. These updates are needed to ensure that they are compatible with the new OS and to offer multitasking support for fast app switching. There are only a few app updates so far, but developers have been making them available at a fast rate.

It is no secret that the most wanted feature from iOS4 is multitasking, as it will save so much more time when you need to go from one feature or app to another. Sascha Segan from PC Mag has found eleven apps that are now iOS 4 ready.

There are ten in all with three standing out amongst the rest – Pandora Radio, iBooks and Guitar Hero. The other eight are as follows: Zagat To Go, Tweetaholic, FlightTrack Pro, Alarm Clock Pro, Pocket Universe, ConvertBot, ReMovem and finally Incognito Browser.

PC Mag has a slideshow for you offering details on these new app updates. If you know of any other others, then please let our readers know.

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