New Aston Martin DBS Spotted: Lighter design, more power

You have to love how automakers do their best to keep their new models away from prying eyes and cameras they even resort to camouflage. However, this has not stopped an Autoblog photographer from getting up close to the new Aston Martin DBS.

Zach Bowman reports that the new DBS was spotted on the streets sporting a new face. Behind all the new bodywork houses a 6.0-liter V12 engine that produces 510 horsepower – so not for those who wants to keep their carbon footprint low.

Looking closely Bowman explains that the fascia has been revised, the headlamps are thinner and the hood has some very nice lines to give the Aston Martin DBS a more aggressive look. Those new LED lights were a must – especially as they have done so wheel for the Audio R8.

To help give the new car extra down force, the diffuser has been redesigned – those of you who watch F1 will know all too well how important this feature is. Visit Autoblog and see what else you can spot from the spy shots.



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