Mortal Kombat 2011: Character Select Screen Revealed

By Alan Ng - Jun 22, 2010

We have some exciting news for all those of you who are planning to pick up the new Mortal Kombat game next year, as we have an image of the character select screen which confirms the amount of slots available for the game.

At E3, the developers for the game showed off a bit more details about their latest addition to the series, but they still didn’t want to drop any hints as to who would be joining the initial lineup of the eight characters shown so far.

However, take a look at this screenshot that I have found below:

This was taken at E3 during an off-camera demo of the game and clearly confirms that there will be at least 26 characters available in the game. Pretty exciting for sure, but check out the bottom right-hand icon – DLC.

Writer Ed Boon hinted that there will be more characters available for the game via DLC, and this image confirms that. I’m guessing that when you hover over the DLC icon, a side pop-up menu will appear with the bonus characters – maybe they are planning to release one every few months or something along those lines.

I think it is fair to say that Mortal Kombat 2011, or MK9 will be one of the most anticipated games ever next year. Take a look at the screenshot for yourself and let us know your thoughts on this.

Are 26 characters enough for you? We asked you for your favorite picks in our previous thread here.

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  • Icemann-Sub-Zero

    Kratos will be a real good addition to the game I'm glad he is on the PS3 version but it sucks he isn't in the story mode but he still would be a good character on MLK 2011

  • jolleymono

    im fine with the game…… but after the last two mortal kombats… i have to say that blind kenshi is by far my favorite character….. i hope that somehow he at least makes the cut as a dlc, but for some reason, i doubt they will throw him in there.

    • Icemann-Sub-Zero

      I hope he does also I prefer Kenshi over Ermac they need to switch them out and make Ermac a possible DLC

  • bla

    rain def needs to be a dlc

  • cookie

    yeah all u guys are wrong this game is ganna be bad ass

  • dany

    please don t use combo breaker & use run for more power
    i m champion of mortal kombat in lebanon

  • tripleD Texas

    the DLC are the pallete swapped ninjas!

  • mortalkombatlover

    i think around 40 characters should be plently enough to keep you entertained. 🙂 26 is alot, but the more the better. 🙂

  • Jon

    Reiko and kenshi

  • MowMow


    • Darth Bad

      Perfect comment, i seriously cannot add to this.

  • Random Guy

    I don’t see why you guys make a big deal about who knows more about Mk it’s a great series of games and I’m glad they are coming out with this addition to it. Boon, Tobias don’t stop you all only improving fighting game standards as we know it.

  • Evan

    i wonder if you get the game later you'll still get the DLC characters let's hope so!!!!!!

  • Moses Velasquez

    gosh dude why are you such a douch!!!! Lol 1-it is actually sub zero, the orignal…2-they combined two of the producers names and turned them backwards…and 3 his debute was as a hidden fighter in MKII…if your gonna be an asshole, make some harder questions and learn up on mk yourself!!!

  • Moses Velasquez

    You took the words right out of my mouth bro!! lol all these ridiculous people sayin shit out there ass just shows there not true fans like us

  • Jay

    I want Noob Saibot

    • Zie1-0

      Boon and Tobias, give me more characters

  • russi

    i hope i have mortal kombat 9

  • Predator

    I think it should be somewere betwin 30 and 40 characters… but I'll still buy it for the grafic

    • Evan

      i like it because of the fatalities and oh my it's very gory!

  • cajun

    You’re all geeks

  • malice

    noob saibot is the original sub zero, but he did not debut as noob saibot until mortal kombat 2. we also didnt find out who noob saibot was until his mortal kombat deception ending. other than that we just knew that he was from the netherrealm sent by quan chi to spy on the fighters in the tournament.

  • malice

    stryker was suppose to be in mk 1 instead of sonya, but ed boon decided to put a female character in instead, bc no other fighting game had female characters, he named her sonya after his sister

    • malice

      the only other fighting game with a female character would might have been street fighter 2 with chun li. other than that female characters werent that mainstream at the time.


    OK DARREN!!! first if your going to question someones fan status, then you need to make sure you are 100% right about what you say. subzero brother did not become scorpion, he became subzero. but other than that, the trick question was a good one.

    • JPatt1992

      i think he just made a typo cause he was replying to the answer saying that the guy was right.

      • Darren

        ya i ment to put sub-zero. sry guy’s. i was in a hurry.

  • @MK Kronicles If they only have 4 DLC char- sorry, kharacters, I would be fine with that, but i would like to see maybe 2 of them be returning and 2 be new.

  • khara

    all of us know about that it was so easy question

  • noob saibot is sub zero brother when he was kill by scorpion, they came up whith hes name by spelling ed boon an tobias backwarks.hes first debut was in mk2 u need it 2 win or play 50 consecutive machest i dont remenber much it was a long time ago

    • Darren

      u kinda right. noob saibot was the original sub-zero. and the question i asked about when he debut was a trick question. since he is the origenal sub-zero he was in the first game. after scorpion killed him in the first game, his brother became scorpion. im surprised u know that, not alot of people i know dont. 🙂

      • chris

        Okay super fan how bout u handle these questions what mk character was supposed to be in mk1 but was replace by sonya who did liu kang beat to become the mk champ how many sub Zeros have there known to been

        • jack

          Jax was originally suppose to be in MK1 but they did not want a roster lacking a female so they replaced him with Sonya and saved his debut for MKII. Liu Kang had to defeat Shang Tsung and there are two Sub-Zeros the older brother that debuted in MK1 and had his own adventure game who is now Noob Saibot and the younger brother who is the current Sub-Zero with a scar on his right eye who at times is unmasked.

  • Mk Fan

    I want more than 26 characters. Make it more than Armageddon. But I like the fatalitys.

    • Nspya1

      Bro thats just flat out silly …… More than Armageddon really that is retarded with the this game and looking which is flawless and graphically every MK fans dream they could of had 15 characters and I would be just as excited. Some people are just never satisfied

      • Goose man

        Totaly agree.. Nspyal. some peps just never satisfied.. the big concern i have is with the one character that has the best background and best story, abilities, and personality, thats right the all powerfull Shang Tsung, he also has the best allies and the most enemies of any other character.. well damn sooo many questions like will he be able to morph or at least morph into the other opponent?? they have tag team so you know you can have up to 4 characters at once with no load time so will you be able to choose a few people to morph into?? or can u steal the soul of the opponent and instead of gaining health u gain there abilities or both?????????? Cant fukn wait?? oh and a side note Deception was the bigest disappointment of all time that was the only game he wasnt in.. and the beginning cinematic was complete crap!!!! there was a fuking soulnado in the background… that would have made him undefeatable.. shang should have beat the shit out of both Quan Chi and Raiden.. stole their souls then wen onaga came in he should have transfered there souls back into there bodies and then Raiden can blow the shit out of every thing…

        • steve

          cant wait who remembers that mortal combat that had loads of lin quai charecters i want ta c all them back im obsessed with them

  • MK Kronicles

    26 is enough for me, and I have been a fan of MK since 1992. DLC should include additional arenas, costumes, and maybe fatalities. If additional characters are part of DLC, limit it to 4 maybe. Cramming tons of characters bloats and cheapens the game by recycling sprite frames, moves, and basic attacks among characters. Keep the character roster balanced in way of abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and such is far more important.

  • Darren

    How is that exciting news. MK9 is supposed to have the most charecters in it so far. DLC or not, 26 charecters is really disappointing to me. MK Armageddon had 62 charecters plus the one you can create.

    • babyk

      will u be able to create characters in mk9

    • whatthebleep

      agreed my thoughts exactly.