Lamborghini Murcielago Burns: Fault or Arson?

Whenever we see a headline like Lamborghini Murcielago Burns, then we always assume that is down to a fault with the supercar. However, there are reports that the latest Murcielago seen on fire in New York was set on fire deliberately, but was it really arson?

Brett Davis from Car Advice said that seeing such a car on fire is almost-sacrilegious, we have to agree – why would anyone set fire to such a beautiful looking machine? Witnesses at the scene said that they saw two men running just before the Lamborghini was on fire.

No more information has been made available, but we are certain that police are now investigating if it was arson or if the same fault that has affected other Lamborghini’s was the cause of this burning Murcielago.

We would assume that the Italian supercar maker will be keeping a close eye on the findings of this investigation – this could spark another recall if it was found to be a fault with the car and not a deliberate act.



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