Kim Jong-Il Invisible Phone: LG or Samsung?

By Peter Chubb - Jun 22, 2010

We know that staying ahead of the game in business requires you to be close to your cell phone at all times, but what if you could have one that was invisible? We know that this is not yet possible, but there have been reports that Kim Jong-Il is passing on instructions to the North Korean football coach with the use of such a device.

According to Kim Jong-Il, he developed the invisible phone himself, but we wonder if he is using technology from South Korean companies LG or Samsung? The leader is no stranger to inventions, according to Russell Goldman from ABC News made claims back in 2004 that he invented the hamburger.

OK, so we know that having a phone that is invisible is stupid, but it could be so small that you might not be able to see it – unless you had a camera pointed at the exact place where it was hidden.

One would assume that the small device would fit in the ear of the coach, much like the one that Sierra Monica B spoke about on Tech Pin back in 2008. Looks like the North Korean leader has some old technology then, and was even up for sale for $649.95.

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