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iPhone iOS 4 Update: How Multitasking Works?

Yesterday was a big day for Apple and iPhone owners, as the new iOS 4 was made available for download. Steve Jobs announced that the new mobile OS has 100 new features, but the one that will be of most interest is multitasking. However, I did not think that it had installed yesterday – I finally worked out that I was doing it wrong.

I finally found out what I was doing wrong by carefully watching the video below that I found on YouTube, which you can view below. Multitasking is activated by pressing the home button twice, you will know this when the homescreen looks as though it moves up to make way for a selection of apps and services.

I have now spent a few moments with the new feature and it is great – although it will be much better when more apps are supported. There are those who will be concerned about battery performance, but Jobs maintains that this will not affect battery power.

Now with multitasking you can switch from one app to another, meaning that you will no longer have to wait for an app to open if you have to send a message or take or make a call. This may not mean much, but just spend 30 minutes with it and you will wonder how you ever did without it.

We cannot wait until more apps starts to support multitasking – only then will we be able to benefit from the feature.



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