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iPhone iOS 4: Missing Features for 3G Owners

For those of you who are eager to see a complete list of new features within the iPhone iOS 4 software update, we have a useful article for you to read now, which confirms what is new, and what features are missing for iPhone 3G owners.

As reported from Engadget, the biggest feature missing for 3G owners is undoubtedly multitasking. Unless you are planning to pick up the iPhone 4 this week, you will not gain access to fast-app switching and background features.

Another feature which is missing from the iPhone 3G is home screen wallpapers. While this may seem like a pretty minor feature, it will definitely frustrate a few of you for sure – why did Apple only enable this feature on the iPhone 4 we wonder?

Thankfully, the list of new features outweighs the missing features for 3G owners, so there is still plenty of goodies for those of you who are planning to keep the 3G over the new iPhone 4. Head to Engadget for the full list of features.



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